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Event near Pittsburgh


Hey all, just wondering if anyone here is gonna be at this event:


It'll be my first time, don't really know what to expect. I'm gonna enter the Novice HW division since it's my first. I oughta kill a couple of the events, but the axel deadlift has got me a bit worried. I've got three months to get my grip up to snuff.

Anyway, if any of you are there, look out for me. I'll be the big ugly dude with a massive beard in the Novice HWs. See you there!


I'll be there--judging. Where do you train?


I'm in Cleveland, I mostly just train at Case Western's gym - they've got plenty of power racks and whatnot. I've got a tire, some farmer's walk handles, a bar, and a bunch of weight that I do stuff at home with though. I'm too poor to pay for a gym, but if you've got any advice on good ways to get some solid training done on a budget, I'm all ears!


Matt Dawson(ASC Pro) and Tomas Rodriguez(Top NAS Am) train smoewhere near Cleveland. If you could hook up with them it would help you A LOT! If youre interested Ill see where they are.


Tomas and Matt train at Titan's gym in mentor, ohio. I live right down the road from there, but I don't train with them because the gym's main focus is on bodybuilding and frankly i just can't stand it there.

I'm just a teen competing in strongman with 4 contests under my belt, I train at the gorilla pit in willoughby ohio with their powerlifting team during the week, then on the weekends me and a couple guys will go out to either Courtad Strength Insitute in aurora (Run by Nick Courtad, ASC pro heavyweight), or Invictus S&C in north ridgeville (run by one of my friends who used to train people at the gorilla pit). Both places have just about everything you need for strongman, but invictus doesn't have a log yet. It's run out of a crossfit building, but they have an ample amount of space, with some great tires, yoke, and stones. If your interested in training with me sometime just PM me


Any guys around here train in Pittsburgh? I've been training alone for quite some now time, it would be nice to change things up!