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Evening vs Morning Injections

Just wondering if anyone has any experience here? Apparently it doesn’t matter when you inject throughout the day if you are taking Cypionate but I wanted to check in here. I’m at 25mg EOD Test Cypionate 4-5 months in.

There’s been some anecdotal reports that injecting in the evening could help you sleep better because you don’t peak until the morning. Currently I wake up every night at 3-4am and have a hard time getting back to sleep so I’m thinking of giving it a go even if it is placebo.

thank your insights,

I do nights, I can’t tell days I injected vs didn’t or if I miss a day etc. So to me, it doesn’t really make any difference. Maybe some people are more sensitive than me though.

Cyp/Enanthate it’s gonna take a day or two for you to peak. Definitely jump by 12 hours but it’s gonna keep going up long after that.