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Evening Training Post-Workout Meal vs Sleep

Just a quick question to everyone out there who does any intense sparring/training sessions at night. I usually have a good 90 minute session that includes sparring, bag work, ring movement, etc, and I’m spent by the time I’m done. I get home about 8:30 PM, and know that I ought to eat everything in sight, but if I do, I have a really tough time sleeping which cuts into recovery.

I take Plazma before and during my workouts, and I like to take my creatine after the workout as well.

How do you guys/girls balance nutrition and sleep when evening training? Any advice would help.

Thanks for reading

I used to have two teas back when I was still very much in the process of bulking up ie: one meal at about 5:30 & then another meal at about 11pm…eating late never affected my sleep (though the meal I had was usually fairly light).

What do you eat after training?

I usually eat whatever was for dinner at the house. Last night it was a lamb roast, veggies, some potatoes. Nothing fancy, but perhaps this is going a bit heavy. I’m also in my late 30’s, so I don’t have the sleeping ability of my younger self.

Yeah, maybe try eating a bit less, though you could always eat a bit more earlier in the day to balance things out (I know when I used to eat late all I normally had was a tin of tuna & some cereal or porridge etc).