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Evening Training/Post Training Nutrition

Coach, obviously training later in the evening is suboptimal, however, here I am. PS/glycine/magnesium and your recommendations have gone a long way in helping. My sticking point is Trying to get a few more meals in a short time frame.
I start training 6pm ish and finish 45-1hr later, I used to have mag-10/Finibar half hour past that and then another meal of 40-50g protein, 50-75g carbs 2-2:30hrs after that, to be in bed by 10pm when I started training earlier.
Now, I’m just trying to avoid piling food on top of food with such a short window of time. Any pointers or things to look out for, for those in this situation?
For reference, I have 1-Finibar 1hr out and 2-3 servings of Plazma during(easy way to increase calories).