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Evening Training and Cortisol Connection

Hi everyone
Greetings from India
I recently read CT’s article ,“why evening training is the worst”

But all my life I have been training in the evenings. And if I now want to move my workouts to the morning before work I would need to get up at 6.30 at least ( and even then I won’t be able to get in a pre workout meal ) since I need to be back by 8.30 at the latest.
If I can work out in the late afternoons, like 4.30 or 5 pm , will it be ok?
Coz my natural rhythm is 12 midnight to 8/8.30 am sleep, if I don’t put an alarm

It’s not ideal but it’slikely not the end of the world since you have 6-7 hours to unwind. But I would take steps in assuring that when you get home you relax. Glycine 5-10g post-workout and in the evening can help slow down the nervous system and reduce cortisol.

You mean 6-7 hours to unwind between workout and bedtime?
B.t.w. what would be ideal? As I leave home for work at 9 , return around 4.30


It’s hard for me to say. If you have always trained at 5ish your body is likely accustomed to it so there would be less of a problem. In which case, switching to AM might not make a significant difference.

However if you have problems falling asleep and lack energy in the morning it would indicate a disrupted cortisol cycle and then you should look into training earlier.

No. Don’t have a problem falling asleep. Infact back in college, say 2004 to 2010 I used to workout in the late evenings.

So I guess body adjusts, no?