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Evening Things Out

Hi, I’ve been lifting for about a few years on and off, but most recently I’ve been consistent for about a year. One thing I have noticed is that my body seems very uneven. The whole left side of my body is much stronger than my right and it is visible too. I concentrate very hard on my form, and during the workout’s I don’t notice myself favoring my left side. I was wondering if there is anything special I can do to fix this problem


Substitute in dumbbell variants of exercises for things like your bench and military press. For your legs, you can do one legged squats. Just make sure that you perform the same amount of work with each side and after a while your body should start to even out. It does seem though that some people have a higher tendency towards an assymetrical look, and you might be one of those people, but you should still be able to get both sides of your body pretty close.

The advice given to you so far is GREAT. Another option is to simply add in a set for the weak side after each regular movement.

Say you do four sets of back squats. After those do 1 set of 1 legged squats for the weak side. This will oaverreach that one side and hopefully help it catch up.

Hope that helps,