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Evening Primrose Oil?


Would taking this supplement help to reduce inflammation?
I usually take fish oil, but I've run out. I have a stock of EPO (90mgGLA/cap). I usually buy fish oil when it's on half-price offer at the local supp. store.

I'm not being tight fisted, I lost my job three weeks ago and won't buy the fish oil unless it's on offer. I currently get about ?56 per week jobseekers allowance (~$98) so I'm definitely looking for another job!

Old Dax




Yes, it's a great antiinflammatory. Not the same as fish oil, but if you're broke and you've got it, take it. just make sure it's still fresh - has it been stored near heat/light? Like fish oil, the fatty acids in it are sensitive to heat and light.

Borage oil is also great. If I remember correctly, they're both sources of gamma linoleic acid.


Thanx Jinx