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Evening Post Workout Nutrition Question


Hey everyone, I am kind of a newbie so please bare with me.

My question is on what I should do for post workout nutrition when the only time I can get in the gym is at night.

I usually workout around anywhere from 7-9 pm. and I would say I have a meso-endomorph type of body, so naturally I am worried about gaining fat from the high GI carbs that I would normally eat after workouts.

I understand the benifits of high carb meals after workouts, but am just concerned about eating those carbs at night and consequently, gaining fat. I am currently on a two body part a day split and working out 5 days a week. I am roughly 5'10", weigh 183, and around 10-12% body fat.

My goals are to try and get as big as I can while staying in a 7-12% body fat range. Should I still try to eat my biggest meal after my workout, or will those High GI carbs at night get stored as fat.

Also, I have another quick creatine question. I have heard different people argue for and against cycling creatine. Will I get more benifits from cycling it or no. I am about 5 weeks into my current cycle and am wondering if I should call it quits in a couple weeks or just keep it going.




Nothing wrong with eating carbs at night. Especially since it's your PWO intake. Gotta replenish those glycogen stores somehow.


I dont know about the creatine question. Although, I usually do cycle it.

Dont worry about the high GI carbs at night. I think it was Lowery who said its much easier to lose a lb of fat than it is to gain a lb of muscle.

Replenishing those glycogen stores is far more important.