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Evening Out Discrepancies

I’ve noticed that my left arm is a lot weaker than my right.

How do I address this?

For instance, if I’m doing bicep curls/hammer curls/concentration curls, should I use a lighter weight with the stronger arm and do reps until the weaker arm fatigues?

The difference is pretty significant. I feel like I’m doing almost no work with one arm and the other can barely pick up the weight. When flexing, there doesn’t look to be a very apparent difference in mass.

Thanks for the help.

Use unilateral movements exclusively. Train the weak arm first. Then train the strong arm the same amount as the weaker arm.

If the imbalance is so bad you can train the weaker arm an extra session. With perhaps 1/2 to 3/4 as much work as a normal workout.


I’ll probably train the weaker arm more for a few weeks and see where that ends up.

It’s my left arm and I’m right handed. The difference right now is one full rep for most things.

That’s not too bad. It’ll fix itself over time if you pay attention to it

Sorry, I meant one full ‘set’.

I.e., I feel like I’m just warming up my right arm, and my left is already dead…