Evening Out Arms

Hey guys,

I’m a 19 year old with a 16" right arm and a 15.5" left arm. I’m wondering the best way to even these out as I can tell the difference is in my triceps as would be expected. I do plenty of single arm tricep exercises to exhaustion, but was wondering if maybe a day every other week or every third week where I do left only triceps, maybe on a saturday when i don’t normally train would be beneficial. Any input appreciated!

The one thing I’ve been told by a lot experienced folks is to first do single arm exercises (like DB curls). The evening out part comes from letting your smaller arm determine the number of reps you should do each set.

E.g. doing dumbell curls. If your weakest hand can only do 6 reps, but the stronger can do 9, just do 6 reps for each arm.

This method is probably flawed to some degree, but I can’t see any other way. Can anyone confirm this?

I always go weakest arm first (LHS in my case) and match its reps with my stronger arm.
BTW you have to have a HUGE difference in measurement for it to be noticable. 0.5 inch is nothing, just dont train to make it worse.