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Evening Meal for Weight Loss?

Hi guys. This is my first post and feel the need to express my gratitude to the T Nation team.

I live in Northern India and am 50 yrs old. I work with Tibetan refugees as a teacher trainer. I’m Australian.

I came to India 5 yrs ago and before I knew it I’d developed the same strange stomach that my father has. I’ve always been slim but now my body fat was quite excessive. I decided around 3 months ago to do something about it.

We have a tiny gym that charges 250rupees a month (around $5). All was good until recently, when the management decided to close it between 2-4pm, which is my only time free. So, I’ve now lost that opportunity.

Around 30 years ago I would work out with a friend so I had a basic idea of things like strict movement and muscle groups, the need for 48 hrs to repair, and so on but I luckily came across your Facebook page and liked it, which gave me occasional articles to digest. Of course back in the day there was no internet and it was all magazines and the local instructor’s advice.

I’m feeling very supported today.

So, I have lost a couple of kilos in that 3 months which is great but my gains are really in strength. I have been increasing my lifting weights consistently and my physique was improving BUT still hiding behind that layer of fat, giving me tithes haha, and I had tried to include a bit of cardio into my routine, as suggested by articles read in T Nation, like on the evening following a workout, so as not to interrupt recovery day off etc

Anyways, here I am 1 week without access to that crappy little gym and I totally miss it but am not going to waste the gains I’ve made, and in particular the advice mentioned in this article titled ‘3 Tricks for Faster Fat Loss’ - https://www.T-Nation.com/diet-fat-loss/3-tricks-for-faster-fat-loss

  1. I am rising earlier and taking some ON BCAA’s before either a cardio workout or going jogging, before eating, so as to burn the stored fat. And follow up with some creatine.

  2. I am trying to remove carbs before bed but not really sure what is meant in the article where it saysâ?¦
    "More specifically, your carbohydrate needs are dramatically diminished â?? arguably eliminated â?? when you’re sleeping. Remember, carbs fuel high-intensity exercise like weight-training and sprinting, and there’s no such thing as “high-intensity sleeping.”

Fat, on the other hand, becomes the primary fuel source as the intensity of exercise goes down. In fact, when you’re sleeping you’re burning almost exclusively fat for fuel."

What am I to eat? I have been eating a half a chicken breast, and some vegetables like tomatoes, eggplant, sauerkraut, steamed potatoes. Of course vegetables are carbs too. Is this OK?
I don’t want to eat white rice and brown rice isn’t available here for another month or so. Should it be more protein?

I really want to maintain what muscle mass I have and continue to burn that stored fat. I’ve eliminated sugar and feel pretty good.

A little help would be very appreciated guys.