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Even newer fat loss phenom-

Just when Bio-Test thought it had locked the market with HOT-ROX, a new up and coming buisness man has found a compound 300 times more effective. We contacted “Swole Daddy P Thug” founder of the new fat loss phenom ~CRACK-ROX~. While not FDA tested or approved we’ve heard reports of weight loss of 20lbs in 2 days. We found 2 long time users of CRACK-ROX. Mrs Latoya, what do you think of CRACK-ROX?? “Lemme Hold 5 dolla’s” Um ok- (slight struggle ensues, Latoya runs off). Our next subject who is known only as Doodle-Bug was pretty proud of his new bod. He told us he went from a chunky 225 down to a mega ripped 96 pounds. He then told us “Drop them nikes off yo ass fo i blas you motha-fucka” (struggle ensues) Well im sold Marty. Back to you in the studio…

If you’re intent on losing weight, you could also try a Simiagenic Aid. If you want to eat, just ask the little monkey in the refrigerator for some food, and he’ll give you something that’s on your diet. It keeps you from cheating.


What’s that?? you want to borrow some money?? Oops forgot my ebonics lesson…FUCK YOU!!!
That audio file is hilarious.
Now you can stop faling the funk…

:slight_smile: Groove

Well, it beats working for that gargantuan pudding pile Master Merrow. Besides, you never know what of mine I’ve put in what of yours while I’m chillin’ in there.

“Waiting to procrastinate. since 0015.”

Well, about 50 years ago, there was a French (why is that not so surprising) doctor who was prescribing these incredibly effective weight-loss pills. You could literally eat as much of whatever you wanted, and you’d still lose weight.

What he failed to mention was the follow-up surgery that was required to remove the tape worms that had hatched out of the eggs in those pills…




Anyone remember this old Jim Carry skit on SNL? One of my all time favorites and eerily similar to this thread.

Hey can I Stack Crack rox with MD-6 or Mag 10? And if I do will I simultaneously gain 50 pounds of LBM while losing 50 pounds of fat?

Can you start a support forum for Crack Rox I have a more questions!

Pooh Bayah…RIDE THE SNAKE!!!


Exactly BFA.


I believe the drug was Crystal Meth, not Crack. God damnit get it right!

Derek, yes, I remember. I just thought of that skit when I saw this.

“By wearing my vibrating heat-bead suit and by…RIDE THE SNAKE…”