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Even More Movies You've Watched This Week


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I'm currently watching Good Luck Chuck and can feel my appreciation for every other movie ever skyrocket. Only saving grace is the odd shot of Jessica Alba's ass and loads of tits.

Also watched Rounders a few days ago. Fun Poker movie, well worth a watch. Interest in poker not essential.


Saw Killer Elite because my friend didn't want to see Moneyball. What a terrible fucking movie.


I was supposed to go with friends last Friday to watch, but had to bail. They told me I was lucky cause it sucked.


I didn't think it was all that bad, especially considering it was a Jason Statham movie. It had a bit more of a storyline than the trailers had shown, and I actually dug Dominic Purcell's character (I can't usually stand the guy).

I also saw The Thaw on Netflix. Val Kilmer is a scientist/ecologist who discovers a partially-frozen wolly mammoth in an isolated part of the Canadian tundra. Turns out the mammoth is infected with some kind of prehistoric parasite that spreads to his isolated team. Flesh-eating shenanigans ensue.

The trippiest part of the film was that it also starred the dude pictured above and, no offense to the big guy, but I can't help but think that's what Prof X might've ended up looking like if he never walked into a weight room. :wink:

Most recently, like, an hour ago, I saw bits and pieces of Drive. It was playing on half the TVs at the gym. I was focused on the task at hand and had my iPod on, but couldn't help to notice a few spoilers/deaths. Ha.

Two weeks ago, they were also playing Green Lantern. Again, I was busy training with headphones in, but I did catch the part where Ryan Reynolds met Kilowog. Pretty cool looking.

Still though, I miss the days when this same gym used to play Battle for the Olympias on the TVs.


I saw a cool documentary last night called "Architecture of Doom". It's about Hitler's fascination with architecture and art and the connection the two had to much of Hitler's ideology. It gets into his obsession with beauty and also his obsession with "ugly" art. Actually, it goes beyond mere architecture and art and really gets into his attempts to aestheticize Germany as a whole. One of the reasons behind getting rid of mongoloids and other such societal outcasts (this is different than his reasons for wanting to exterminate Jews) was part of his need to beautify Germany and the German people. Very interesting.

Oh yeah, it's in German, or maybe Dutch. I can't remember. It's not in English, but there are subtitles and it's available on Netflix.


I finally got around to seeing Warrior last night.

Gotta say I was completely blown away by this movie. Seriously powerful performance from Tom Hardy. Best movie I've seen in the cinema since The Dark Knight. I'm not into MMA and have no further interest since seeing the film but I thought they did an amazing job of bringing such a brutal sport to the big screen.

As an aside, MMA gyms are going to overrun in the aftermath of this film.

In any case, highly recommended


Watched Gladiator tonight after the MNF Game... Such a bad ass movie.


They were showing Drive in the gym ? Hasn't it been out just a few weeks in theatres ?

It's a great film. One of the best I've seen in the last few months. I think most people will end up not liking it because it has a slow,moody pace. And when the shit starts hitting the fan, the violence is almost over the top.

I love how the (nameless) main character has a past that (SPOILER) remains completely unexplained. I'm not a big Ryan Gosling fan but he played that part perfectly.

The director of that film made some other really good ones , including Bronson (with Tom Hardy) and Valhalla Rising.


The pace of the movie wasn't a big problem, I could see what they were going for. Gosling's portrayal of the character was pretty good it's the character himself I hated. They really emphasised the strong SILENT type a bit too much. His 'flirting' with the female lead was just creepy.

The efforts to make it artsy were OTT and ruined it for me. Not a bad film by any means, but way below it's potential.

Just my 2 pennies


I watched two episodes of Basketball Wives...and I now want to burn my tv.

Honestly...this is the best millions of dollars can do? I would expect that much money to be bringing some true "TENS"....not some 5's and 6's with 4 points of makeup and designer outfits they will only wear once.

It's like battle of the Black Barbies. I couldn't see myself getting along for more than a few seconds with women like that.


I'm very interested in this. Thanks Nards.

My own theories on the what initiated his hatred of Jews has much to do with his rejection from the art academies. His ego wouldn't allow him to accept that perhaps he sucked at making art, so it's easy to blame the establishment (and subsequent modernist movement sweeping Europe at the time), and especially the Jews who ran/funded many of the institutions. Labeling it "degenerate art" and pushing this rejection on his own people, he sent artists to the camps. Some managed to avoid it after trials or promises of not working in a modern style.

When Germany invaded and occupied France, Picasso had been living and working in Paris for years. But because of his immense status in the world, Hitler didn't know what to do with him, so Picasso was able to live and work without incident for the most part. Once he was visited in his studio by a young German soldier. He looked through Picasso's paintings and photos of his works in museums. When he came across a picture of Picasso's already-world-famous "Guercica", he asked Picasso, "So, YOU did this?"

"No" replied Picasso. "YOU did".


Haha, yep, it's still in theaters. Gotta love a bootleg... ... ... allegedly.


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Just saw "The Horseman", an Australian film featuring an excellent Peter Marshall in the lead as a father hunting down the dudes responsible for his daughter's death. As a dad myself, this film was emotionally gripping throughout.

Probably the best revenge film I've ever seen.

I love the Asian revenge films, but this Australian production has no kitsch, no comic moments, and possesses a realism that's lacking in the Asian genre.


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