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Even Gun-Fu Doesn't Always Work



Go figure.


I just love this one.


Pfff, if that cop knew bjj, he totally would have kicked that boxer's ass.


The Supreme Test Booster! GRRRRRRRRRRRR!


To the first video:

I mean no disrespect to cops on this forum, but is the cop in the video the "standard" cop? Because he put up NO fight whatsoever. He relied on his firearm 100%. I don't know the "ex-pro boxer" in the video, and it's very hard putting up a fight against someone just that big and heavy, let alone if he has alot of fighting experience, but come on... The cop tried to pistol whip the boxer and it looks like he didn't even feel it...

One clean punch, kid smacks his head onto the concrete. Beautiful.


well, in reality he already sprayed the guy wtih OC, and the guy told him he would "need more than that." i've seen this video before (a lot, in training) and i belive the suspect was also on crack or something like that, hence him not feeling the gunshot, either.

that video is kind of a wrost case example....most cops are trained to deal with semi-compliant people of normal size, not big guys who are trained fighters. not an excuse, but it's just a very rare situation for a cop to have to deal wtih somone like that....he did make a few tactical example in deaing with the guy from the start that would have increased his chances of preventing an altercation, though.