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Evel Knievel on Jim Rome Show this morning

I dunno if any of you guys heard Evel Knievel on the Jim Rome show this morning, but trying to describe it, is beyond words. I have never heard of a guy with so much conviction in my life. A guy with the biggest balls ever. A guy who jumped over, i think it was the snake river, or caesars palace, crashed, splattered, and then LIVED to tell about it.

“Women are the root of all evil. Women are prostitutes.”
-Evel Knievel

The guy broke the arms of an author who wrote something bad about him in his book. and he broke them with a baseball bat! the guy is nuts…

did anyone hear this interveiw today?

If this was a new interview, then no. But I did here Rome interview him a couple years ago and it was amazing to listen to.

My favorite part of the interview was a discussion on the chance of survival for a certain stunt. Knievel said he had a “coin’s flip” of a chance to make it. Rome asked why he would take a 50-50 chance of dying on such a risky stunt.

Evel replied in his grim and rough voice, “Do you know who I am?”


I don’t know what Evel’s doing these days, if anything, but I would much rather watch a great stuntman than another new reality show anyday.

Unless it’s another Man vs. Beast.


Ugggg…I was listing to the show and got ushered into an impromptu meeting just before the interview. The last interview was definitely a classic for the archives. Evel marches to a different drum then most of us; that’s for sure. Oh well, maybe I’ll catch it on a “Best of Rome” show later in the year.

I hate to rub it in, but you guys missed out. I think the second interview easily beat the first one, but he didnt have any good one line zingers such as “you know who the hell i am” He was talking about how if he had today the technology of todays motor cycle e.g. weight, speed, shocks, he would have jumped over the moon. Evel was saying how he wanted to do this stunt where he jumped out of some military airplane, 25,000 feet in the air, and landed on some haystacks, WITHOUT A PARACHUTE! However, the state of Nevada wouldnt let him do it. Im sure it will be on one of the best-shows. The interview was amazing!