Evan's 8 Weeks to a Record Bench Log

Hey guys, this will be my third log and this time I’m gonna be running Thibs “8 weeks to a record bench program.” This is the link:

I am 5’11’’ and weigh 210 lb, I will be getting a very small procedure done on my knee to remove screws that were put in place from a previous surgery so I will be unable to squat or do any lower body exercises for 3-6 weeks.

Currently my bench max is 340, down a little bit from 365 which I maxed out at a little over 3 months ago. I haven’t really been focusing on the bench press the past month-2 months, and now I figured would be a good time.

I know this program will be successful, and hopefully it will help any of you guys who want to try it in the future.

Sunday April 5th, 2009

Session 1:

Bench Press (90 % of max, sets of 1, 30-45 seconds rest)
305 x 1 , 10 sets total, 30-45 seconds rest

Decline Bench Press
225 x 6
235 x 6
245 x 5
255 x 5
225 x 6

Session 1 went well. Got 305, without a spot or lift off for 10 sets of 1 relatively easily. I stopped at 10 because I figured that if the goal was to get 8-10 it would be wise not to push it too much. Also, I have to get back in there in about an hour and a half or so for session 2 which seems pretty tough. Did the icepack pre-workout on the abdomen, that Thib suggested, can?t tell if it worked or not, but I?ll see since I won?t be able to in the next two sessions. See you all in about 2 hours again hah.

No more Canadian bear for you? I wonder how that program will have helped you with this new bench program.

Good luck bro

It did help me a lot actually, not as much with the bench, but my squat is up around 450 now which is great. I figured that I’d start this program this week since I will be getting the surgery next friday and wanted to get a jump start on it. I did love the canadian bear program though, it boosted my leg strength nearly 50-60 pounds in 3.5 weeks.

Hey man, I’m interested to see how this program works for you and perhaps use it in the future. Good luck. I’ll be following it!

Sunday April 5th, 2009

Session 2:

Bench Press (Cluster set bench press w/ 90 %)
305 x 5 (10-15 sec rest between repetitions)
4:00 Min Rest
305 x 5 (10-15 sec rest between repetitions)
3:30 Sec Rest
275 x 5 (10 sec rest between repetitions)
3:30 sec rest
275 x 5 (10 sec rest between repetitions)

Standing Barbell Military Press
135 x 4
185 x 4
160 x 4
145 x 4
135 x 6

Session 2 went well, got only 2 sets with 90 % of my max on the cluster sets, then dropped it down to about 80 % for the remainder. The military presses felt good, and I don?t feel too bad yet. Ready to go into session 3 already, but I?m gonna take a longer break between this one, maybe 2-3 hours. Until session 3?

Sunday April 5th, 2009

Session 3:

Bench Press (Drop ? Set Cluster, 95 % - 90 % - 85 % - 80 %)
320 ? 305 ? 290 ? 275 ? Performed 1 repetition at each weight, dropping down.
3 sets completed

Dumbbell Floor Triceps Extensions
52.5 x 6
65 x 4
60 x 6
55 x 6

The bench press drop set went really well, and the 320 actually was really easy, felt like I could have banged out 3 + reps. The weights and percentages seemed to be right on for the drop set, each became progressively tougher and once I reached 275, it felt harder than the first rep at 320. Overall, a great day, very tiring though and can?t say that I have ever had a 3-a-day at the gym before, but am pumped for the next workout. I?ll see you guys tomorrow with CORE!

Tuesday April 7th 2009

Bottoms ? Up Bench Press (3 inches from chest)
275 x 3 (5 sets)
280 x 3 (1 set)

Iso ? Relaxation Bench Press (3 second pause on chest, explosion)
165 x 3 (1 set)
155 x 3 (8 sets)

Lat ? Pulldown
15 x 6
17 x 6
20 x 4
20 x 4
14 x 6
E ? Z Bar Curls
75 x 6
85 x 6
95 x 6
105 x 6
115 x 6

Seated Row To Neck (Towel)
6 x 8
7 x 8
8 x 9

The second day on the program went really well. The recommendation for the Bottoms up bench press was 80 ? 85 % and I utilized about 82.5 % of my max relatively easily. The exercises went well, I had a great overall workout. Ready for the Workout on Thursday where I?ll be doing Negatives.

Wednesday April 8th, 2009

2 x 10

Swiss Ball Twists
30 x 12
45 x 12
45 x 12
45 x 12

1 ? Legged Situps
12 ? 6 x 2 LR

500 x 1 (worked up to)

Just wanted to hit some core today. Worked up to 500 in the deadlift, and it wasn?t easy haha. That?s what I get for not going over 405 on the deadlift for about a 2.5 months though, It will come back fast.