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Evan Tanner

I was a huge evan tanner fan before he had all of his problems etc. And was hoping he’d make a huge comeback and get the title again which is of course impossible now. I am just wondering since I never got any details what happened to him was it his loss? Bad time growing up? Depression? I just saw him lose to franklin then heard he was an alcholic and stuff I know he was a two time state champ and started wrestling in 10th grade but I really don’t know anything else about him or what caused his falling apart.


If he were to make a huge comeback now, it would truly be incredible…

I said in my first post the comback is of course impossible. I know that he is dead I was asking if any of you guys knew what happened to him as far as what set of all the stuff like alchol abuse I never heard anything about what happened.

It was just like cool evan tanner ufc champ wow he lost hope he trains hard then see a pick of fat evan tanner and hear he is an alcholic all in a few month? It was just strange I don’t know the details.

RIP Evan Tanner

He was taking a solo trip (as he often did) on his motorcycle and ran out of gas, he was sending text messages out to friends asking for help. He died in the desert…so sad.

This picture was taken just over a month before he died.

From what has been said, he death was cause by heat exposure. He ran out of water and more or less died in the 110 degree heat, my guess he had a heat stroke or something and died.