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Evan Centopani VS. Brandon Curry


Based on an UN BIASE opinion, who do you think would have won the pro card if the 2007 Nats. winner version of Centopani, faced off against the 2008 USA winner version of Curry? I am a HUGE fan of Centopani, and I think over all he has perfect size/ symmetry, yet Brandon as amazing asthetics, and his lines/muscle bellies are out of this world.. Lets hear your opinion.




WOW, tough question. I really don't know and would hate to decide. I'm a big fan of Evan, but also think Curry's asthetics are perfect. I may have to give the nudge to Mr. Centopani because he brings (at least so far) better conditioning than Curry did.


on second thought, I don't know.

fuck this question, I'm gonna lose sleep over this now. AH!!


Centopani may have better conditioning (come on, not by much) but Curry has a better shape and size for sure.

I'd say Curry.


I think centopani would have won. He has pretty much perfect symmetry, proportions and conditioning, it was definitely his time. I mean he seriously has no lagging bodyparts.

Like you guys said Curry looks ridiculously good and aethsetic, but his conditioning was no were nears Evan's, and his lags lag behind his upper body.

Both awesome competitors, but Evan still has the upper hand IMO.


Good question.

Both are gaining tremendously, however, til Curry brings up
his legs, Evan is better for me. Also Evan has more buzz as he is doing NY pro weekend after next.


Curry. serious question?


Dang...I've never seen a more cobra looking lat spread then that picture of Centopani..


Centopani is solid all the way.


going with Curry...


I think brandon has a better genetic shape, not to say that evan is just all mass and no shape though. Still, and maybe it's just the selected pics above, Evan just brings such a combination of size and conditioning. I can't wait to see how he shows at the NY Pro next Sat (anyone else going?)



Curry has great genetic, Evan has less weak points, Id prob go with Curry because to me Evan has no bodypart that stands out at all, hes just solid all the way around. Both have high expectations for the future. (Stu, I may be going to the finals at night, but I wont be in attendance for the pre-judgin, congrats on the win again!)


Evan has insane arms/calves/back. You say nothing stands out, well that's because he has no weak points to make something really stand out.

I mean the dude has 22 inch calves or something crazy, I'd say that's pretty stand outish lol.


Perhaps my post came off as negative toward Evan, Im a big fan of Evans and he is prob the competitor I look foward to seeing most at the NY Pro. This is difficult to call, both are great and Im sure most on this board wouldnt mind looking like either one




tough call. Lets see somebody photo stitch some comparison shots of compulsarys together to make a true judgment


The crazy thing about both of these competators is they are in the same boat as far as strengths and weaknesses go. BOTH men could afford to bring up their legs in comparison to their upper bodies, yet BOTH men possess OUTSTANDING guns. I feel that Curry, like most of you said, has certain areas that are equal to most top professionals. Curries arms resemble Flex Wheeler's in alot of ways. Centopani on the other hand, again as most said, packs the full deal. His arms also stand out. I can't quite put my finger on who he resembles. As of Nats he brought his own look to the table. We'll see this next week.



Curry's arms are INSANE.


I'm going with Evan because he is my height.

Curry is AMAZING as well so its a VERY hard judgement.

This could really be the case of who shows up spot on that day...

Also I know Evan is about to compete at a ripped 260lbs, he really seems to have put his off season to good use.

I haven't seen any updates of Curry and if he hasn't made the improvements then Evan will smash on him, If he has then we would have a battle on our hands.

I believe, from what I've seen online/in mags, that Evan is a much more knowledgable bodybuilder. Not to say Curry isn't either, but I believe that Evan is a true student of the game whereas Curry is more of a hardworker + amazing genetics. Then again I have never talked to either man so I could be COMPLETELY wrong.

I like MD over Flex and since Evan is MD and Curry is Flex I probably read up more on Evan so I have somewhat a biased opinion. Evan is also 6' tall so I can see myself aspiring to get his type of physique in a few months...LOL a few years :wink: