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Evan Centopani Interview


Check out Evan's interview:


Its about 25 mins long and he goes pretty in depth about his thoughts on contest prep and his decision to leave Dave Palumbo to seek guidance from Oscar Ardon. Great vid.


Good stuff man this guy is going to be something special in bodybuilding.


Man everyone is getting away from Palumbo as if he had AIDS. When you fall of The Blechman train, you fall off for good. Centopany? I always pronounced it Cento-pauni.


Since we're on the topic of Evan, heres his offseason eating:

Part 1:
Part 2:


awesome, I love that shake idea. Making one right now chea!


that was cool to see him cooking all that stuff...that chicken looked pretty good.


I guess this certainly refutes the whole 'all pros ramp up to one top set' thing though, based on that interview. From the sounds of it he does all his working sets to failure. Four sets of squats to failure followed by five working drop sets of hack squats. Not quite the whole ramping thing really.


I don't think that's his regular routine. If I'm not mistaken he said he only did that when he trained a week with oscar


Evan's quite the gastronome.


He trains high volume year round. His workout partners were talking about how he does 4 worksets of back squats then 5 worksets of drop sets for hack squats. P.J, even said "we don't believe in any of the high intensity shit". They love the volume over there in New Haven.

Point of the story though is that Evan is the man. Good luck to him on Saturday.


That Oscar guy is the same guy that Kai uses right? Fucking guy was cooking Kai's meals and what not during prep for the Arnold. No wonder Kai dumped Charles Glass. By the sounds of it Oscar makes deeper connections with this clients. Whatever the case I'm still impressed by Evan's culinary skills.


I lol'ed when PJ said that.


Who said "all", most still do even if we've seen a few exceptions (wolf using regular sets on all but his main movements for example).

I haven't seen any training vids from centopani yet apart from a bicep vid he did with Fankhauser (they did a cable curl drop-set there, but then again McGrath also occasionally does drop-sets, especially when nearing a show or for shooting vids, while his normal training is the same as most other pros').

I'd still like to see some actual off-season training footage of his. Anyone got a few better vids or some DVD or so?


On that note, it makes sense to avoid watching someone do one exercise or something like that and assume you know how they always train as a result.

I train my biceps differently right now than I ever have before...so if someone watched me train right now, that would not be how they got to be this big in the first place.


What do your arms measure while cold Professor?

  • Adam


Damn does his face look different off season.


I try to avoid measuring them lately. I haven't done so in about a year.


Don't be shy now. 25 inches cold isn't THAT bad.


CC, I found a vid of him training legs in the offseason...Looks like he does use straight sets...and there are some more vids of him training in "trenches section"...


the only reason i could think of for using straight sets is that he would have to use a lot of weight for his top set if he ramped...and maybe he just isn't willing to get under that much weight...but idk...he's definitely the exception from all the vids i've seen...


I'm by no means on the same levels as Equis, but I really just look at the mirror to see if their growing, I don't get all fancy and use a measuring tape.