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Evalute My Supplement Intakes

These are the supplements and intakes i take daily along with my training. If anyone can please evaluate and tell me where I should increase or decrease values and what to add into my list that would be great…

Vitamin C (1000mg)
Vitamin A (10,000IU)
CLA (3g)
Cod Liver Oil capsules (2)
Glutamine from protein powder (12-18gs)
Protein from 100% Whey Protein powder (92-138gs)
Creatine powder (2-5gs) *will be adding this in

I am 19, 172-176 pnds, 5’8" but I am doing OVT based programs…please provide any input you guys can :slight_smile:

At 19. Add lots of food to that and maybe some fish oils. Depending on your diet. All the supps in the world will do nothing without a solid diet.

So if you really want some help give us a sample of your food log for a typical day. Then we can better address what you might need.

But, for sure you need the MAJOR focus to be on diet, not supplementation.

Hope that helps

There is mixed data on CLA including some that suggest it may be harmful. I think it was mentioned here previously if you search on it.

I agree - how much protein from whole sources are you getting a day??? What are you sources of carbs, and fats besides the CLA and fish oil???

Also, I would recommend a multi-vitamin, not taking just one or two select vitamins/minerals. You need all of them present at the same time to fuel protein synthesis and just for normal functions. I like the “Adam” multi from Now. They have lot’s of goodies in there besides all your standards, like CoQ10, digestive enzymes, and ginko. Even just taking 1/2 serving a day on top of eating 5-10 servings of fruits and veggies will really make a big difference.

Also, what is your meal structure? You should be eating a BIG breakfast, then every 3-4 hours. Eat BEFORE you get hungry and get lot’s of water between meals.

FYI, you should be taking your creatine with your PWO shake for better absorption. (do you know what should be in your PWO shake???)


I have attached an image of my daily log. This log is based on the Mutation Series Phase 2 diet, so my numbers will up a bit in carbs on phase 3.

That is basically what I eat in terms of types of foods. I do take fish oils (2 capsules of cod liver oil) and I am thinkin of getting flax oil as well.

CT used CLA during his mutation series, he did not point out any downsides to it. Can someone find a link to the article on this site that mentions CLA?

I have had some recommend me that I take creatine with warm water and salt? Has anyone else done that? I believe you need sodium to help that creatine get where it needs to?

I think I found it

The article says that CLA can be used to prevent fat buildup but not promote fatloss…

Do a forum search, the thread is called:

CLA–Health Warning

I’ve read info that makes me wonder if all the points raised in that thread are valid and there are still positive studies coming out on CLA, but I’m not sure I’d take it.

Oh and ditch the instant oatmeal as it has a poor (high) glycemic index (unless part of your PWO meals).

Or switch to slow cooking (microwave is fine) oatmeal.

It is listed as instant on that database but the servings are the same as the packet versions. I use the packeted cinnamon flavour quaker oats, put em in a bowl with milk and microwave em for 1-2 minutes.


One thing about the oatmeal. Your much better off with the regular bland style of oatmeal as opposed to the pre-mixed baggy of stuff.

The big bag of Quaker rolled oats is good stuff when mixed with fruit. You ditch the sugar filled garbo and take in about 3/4 cup of regular oats mixed with blueberries, strawberries, or someother type of coloured berry. Blackberrys are good too.

As far as the multi goes, yeah I would for sure add that in! That to me is a staple. I like to think I avoid colds like I have for the past 4 weeks while kissing a girlfriend with a heavy cold consistently, via making sure I get my multi-vit in and lots of fruits and veggies some quality rest and exercise.

I am not sure you need the Glutamine? I have read conflicting evidence that is basically doesn’t do much unless you are in a severe state of muscle atrophy. Which I don’t think you are.

I think people are telling you that Cod Liver oil is different from Fish oil. They are saying to get something like Cold Pressed WILD Salmon Oil. The benefits of DHA and EPA the two essential fatty acids in there are too many to list in the time frame I have. You can get these basically anywhere, and I believe the recommendation is to take anywhere from 6-9 grams of the stuff a day. So your best bet is to buy 1000mg or 1g pills and take 9 of them. This should give you a sufficient amount of the two acids and allow you to reap the benefits. Word of caution eat with food or you’ll be burping fish taste all day! NICE!!!

As far as the creatine thing goes, there are many conflicting opinions on here. Chris Shugs puts it in his green tea, some others have suggested using it before you go to the gym, some say mix it with Surge berardi styles, some say it doesn’t matter, just mix with sodium for better creatine uptake. I can just imagine your confusion with something so simple.

If your just starting to use it, as you say you are, then make sure you get it consistently from day to day. If you’ve never used it and you don’t eat alot of red meat, your going to see the difference and feel the difference in the gym while on it. SO…as far as what I have chosen to do, I make sure I get adequate amounts of sodium in my diet, not hard to do, that is for sure! and I make sure I take it each day. I usually try to take it a bit before I go to the gym. Since I work out after work, and my work supplies me with free green tea, I put it in the green tea b/c I find it mixes the best with this liquid. Water seems to granulate and fall to the bottom if you don’t slam it right away. So, just get it in ya, and try not to be too concerned with maximal uptake methods. Especially since I know your a student and your schedule can differ greatly from day to day.

Best of luck my friend.



I have felt sudden energy boosts and the ability to go on longer without getting tired when on glutamine…But i do think I do not need that much of it, its hard for me to find protein so i take half from shakes and half from normal food. I already eat half the food my parents make LOL