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Evaluation of Hook-Ups


Just in case you ever wondered what the girl who majored in getting boned actually wrote about her partners before she bacame an internet sensation, here it is:




Old news. We've already had a thread, discussed it, laughed, and then forgot about it.


i do enjoy seeing a pic of this girl who i had not previously seen. Any offers from playboy yet?


Mediocre-looking girl is mediocre.





One of the comments on that page sums it up nicely

"She is a 2 at 10....and a 10 at 2"


she looked better in the pic from the link...


What a shame to be on this list, so the fact you were desperate enough to fuck her is left for the whole world to see.


Old shit is old. No more posting in this thread kthxbye. If you post after me in this thread your gay kk