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Evaluate My Squat


Just wanted to get some feedback on my squat. Trying to focus on the quads.
Flame away!

You’re leaning too far forward. The weight should be on your heels; you’ll fuck up your knees doing it like that.
It’s hard to tell, but I think a wider stance might help.

If you want to hit quads, you could try the smith machine.

If you want to hit quads, stop doing back-squats.


and take your shoes off.

Thanks for the tips so far! I am getting some actual help from a friend of mine too. He has said the same thing as you did 1 Man Island.
I expect this to help me too. I have been doing the front squats too, Claudan. I will keep in mind to take the shoes off.

Thanks for the advice so far!

Can you go any lower? All of your squats were pretty high. Even if you are going for quad development, going deeper will give your quads greater range-of-motion and stimulate them to grow more.

I will work on it this friday on leg day. I will try to upload another movie to see if it has improved.

You definitely need a big tune-up.

Arse back, not knees forward. Hips below knees, not above.

A wider stance could help, but you if you are concerned with your quads not your squat numbers, front squats could be the answer. Easier to hit depth, easier to keep the weight on your heels and more focused on the quads.

There was someone squatting in that video? All I could see was a dude in the background attached to a red bungee cord. That shit was an eye magnet.

Also, go deeper, sit back more.

Thanks, the advices have been all more or less down the same road.
Go deeper and sit back in the squat. I also saw those and I hope to improve. As I said, I will try to film friday while taking your advices.

And Sexyxe, I also found it to be distracting :stuck_out_tongue:

What’ll help with depth and quad recruitment is lifting your heels with plates or a wood block or something.

Be sure your feet stay arched and your knees track properly.

This is a classic CAN versus HOW issue.

CAN you squat.


HOW to squat.

The truth is that the majority of the issues here are not HOW to squat issues meaning cues wont help much at all. Hips back etc… the hips aren’t going back because they probably can’t.

Film another vid with 95lbs on the bar and really try to relax your legs and push your hips back while you have the weight on your heels.

I’m betting you need alot of corrective exercise and that is the main issue. But I could be wrong.