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Evaluate My Physique, Help Me Build Myself


I'm 22 years old, I'm down in my life right now and feel like a physically, financially and socially undeveloped dare I say -loser.-

I won't more than anything to dedicate myself to surpassing to an alpha level, and becoming a stronger person.

I realize the basis of this has to be in my physique as right now, I am fat...overweight...but have been lifting off and on for 2 years plus. I've competed in small local pl competitions (more like exhibitions) and my ranges were, before my 2 1/2 month hiatus.
Height: 5 9, and Weight: 240

Squat 400 range, BP 290 max, 225 10 times, Deadlift 450 max, 300 range for reps...

This doesn't mean much because my physique looks like crap.

Here are pictures, only one of these my calf is flexed, the rest is just me in a normal posture, no flexing, no sucking in or post workout pump in any of these. Just me bare in all my glorious fatso/strong guy mediocrity.

I'm ready to change, to evolve and I'll do whatever it takes.

Please evaluate me, and help me find the path to success in this endeavor. To really reformat my physique.


if your not a troll, you need to get your body compisition back on track, your nutrion read in the beginners section, what do you usually eat etc? also what is your overhead press? training schedule?


These are pictures of me...how do I upload images or link images? I tried uploading the rest and it failed, so I tried to link and apparently you don't recognize img tags...


I never really max out on military press, I usually do 2 plates in a cage. When I clean and press, the most I've done with a press to completion was 2 45lbs, and 25 lbs plates. So I suppose 180 lbs is my max for military.

My power clean gets heavy at 225, I can do that perhaps 3-4 times then I just have to high clean it.

I don't eat to excess, I eat 2-3 meals a day, I drink sodas at times but not excessively.
I eat alot of soup, rice and fish/poultry. I don't regiment my eating habits or schedule but generally try not to overeat.

While it seems like, I'm pretty fat, I weigh now, the same as I weighed in 8th grade, as I used to be honestly, probably obese. I was 230lbs in 8th grade, throughout high school when I wrestled, at 15, I was doing 160, and in my senior year was hovering at around 205. When I started weightlifting about 2 years ago I weighed 215 lbs range.

As for my training schedule, in theory I'm supposed to run everyday, in practice, I hardly ever run. I do a cardio/lifting routine 3-4 times a week anywhere from 1 to 3 hours. I used to do strongman and pl training for 2+ 4 days a week for about 3 months...anyways. I an going to post a copy of my training, rather than type it out.


My Weight Training Regime
My overally workout overview
My Training Schedule; Ronin stands for the above training session.

I do this about 3x aweek, optimally if disciplined were instilled I'd do it everyday, lifting 4x and cardio only 3x.


there's no such thing as overeating, theres just under-sleeping and under-training :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

what does your diet generally look like on a daily basis? If you are lifting regularly, I would suspect that your diet would be the primary contributor to your fatness.

if you are really serious about losing fat, stop drinking soda, and start drinking water.


Im sorry, but that workout routines sucks. There's barely any lower body work, save for a few squats and deads, you do cardio vascular work BEFORE 2 of your workouts, one of your workouts is based on the pump..............need I say any more? Its not based on sound principles. I suggest a routine that concentrates on EVERYTHING and on progressive overload. Try an upper/lower split, or if you like working out 3x a week, an A-B split.


Yes you are very out of shape, but what you have going for you is a decent amount of strength(not decent for 240 of course)

Thats a lot more that can be said for some fat guys who struggle to bench the bar.

Focus on busting your balls more than anything, nothing beats sheer effort

Keep up what you're doing lifting wise, along with the clean foods and and with time the pounds will fly off.

I wouldn't count calories at this stage, just make sure you're getting in lots of lean protein and veggies and you'll be on your way.

Good luck!


Where are these guys at?


I would suggest

1 pick a simple beginner program and stick with it 3-4 weight workouts a week

2 I would not run if I weighed 240 at 5'9", you can however walk an hour a day, EVERYDAY.

3 I am guessing you eat a high percentage of your cals as carbs. I am not saying you need to go "low carb" but might be something to think about. I will bet looking at your physique that you have blood sugar issues.

You have more than the average beginner level strength but you don't look like it. You don't have to do anything fancy just 1-3 times a week consistently for a few months walk daily and then re-evaluate. You have a choice get your diet cleaned up and start working out regularly or be in this same boat only older down the road. At 22 it is never again in your life going to be as easier to get in shape, every year you wait the hill gets steeper...


There was this morbidly obese guy at my gym for a month or two. Once he started actually lifting rather than walking on a treadmill he was benching 275 for reps.

He was fat as shit, but not "I can only bench the bar" weak at all.


Most of the really fat guys I have ever seen have always been stronger than "bench the bar". In fact, most seem to be way stronger than a newbie of equal time who is skinny.

I have never seen someone really fat who was also so weak they had trouble with the bar...unless they were bed-ridden...and then they wouldn't be in the gym, now would they?

My guess is, carrying around 300+lbs is a workout in itself. Look at the calves on fuckers like that.


My father is 58 years old and 5'9" and 270 (down from 300+ just from diet) and just went back to the gym with a goal of weighing 200 lbs. Fat issues are central fat (wears size 44" pants).

Let's see. Big calves, big arms (>19" upper, XXL shirts are pretty tight on the arms and they aren't all flab) and I would estimate at least 15" forearms), and he has been throwing himself at the gym as hard as he can...which is limited due to conditioning! His problem at the gym isn't strength it is stamina and endurance. Granted he was an athlete in HS...but that was 40 years ago!

That is what I have seen with most fat guys, not strength but general conditioning.

I was up visiting last week and we went to the gym a few times.


You guys hit my point. I don't know whether SilentBob was just trying to throw this guy a compliment or if he's typing shit just so he has something to say. No doubt at this point he'll chime in and say some really fat dudes at his gym have trouble with the bar, but I'm not buying it.

OP, in all honestly, you don't deserve any compliments yet. You look like crap. But I really don't need to tell you any of this because you seem like you already know it. So, good luck getting it done.


I can run a full on mile or so without stopping, I could push myself through 5ks. I'm not bed ridden or obese, (perhaps high bf) but I'm not incapable of running. I do sprints too.

I don't think 'just walking' is valuable advice. But thank you for the strength compliment.

Ya guys, I just posted this for some guidance, I didn't mean this to be a rate my physique type thread, I expect brutal criticism and advice to get me on track. Thanks for your help so far.


real consistency + real effort + smart eating = can't lose

Whatever program you get on, do not miss a workout and make sure you're giving it your all. If you're not sweating, you're doing it wrong. Also, you have to realize that nobody is going to do the work for you. That means taking some initiative and learning what you need to learn. Just don't suffer from paralysis by analysis.

Definitely read the great info on T-Nation....but if you're half-assing it....NOTHING else will matter. Not your routine, or what grip to use for curls, NOTHING.

As for your diet, cut out all your sugar and I would personally cut out nearly ALL carbs other than vegetables except during your peri-workout nutrition....at least until your bodyfat levels come down to earth.


I didn't mean for it to be taken literally, if thats the way it looked then my bad. What I meant was that there are some really fat guys that are much weaker than the OP, even if his strength levels aren't that great.

I'm not selling you anything to 'buy', nor am I typing shit for something to say. I'm just giving the OP a little boost, that he is a little ahead of the game than a guy at his weight who is a rank beginner.


Buy Charles Poliquin's German Body Comp book. NOW. That alone will help big time. Secondally, eat 2,500 calories a day.

250 protein a day
200 Carbs training days, 50 carbs on off days.
80-100 Fat

Do cardio 3x a week, make it a goal to burn 400-500 calories on whatever you do. Even if it's not a completely accurate measure of calories burned, you know you worked hard. For food choices, read any nutrition article on this site. No cheat meals. None. Drink 2 gallons of water a day. It's not hard my friend. You just need to take in less calories than you've been consuming. Why don't you eat normally tomorrow, and write down EVERYTHING you've eaten and let us know.


This is so frustrating. Last year I saw this guy who was probably about 290 @ 5'10", the rest of his body looked largely untrained but his calves were literally 23" (estimate) with veins popping out. His calves looked like a fucking superhero. Obviously he had some great genetics. He was working for UPS or something similar, pushing shit around on a dolly all day+plus his 3 bills.

end hijack


Could the calorie surplus they in also play a factor. Coz a skinny newbie probably doesn't eat very much. So his strength would naturally be "down" compared to a fat guy who is all carbed up?