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Evaluate my Meal Plan and Advice on my Next One...


So, here's my meal play. I stick very VERY strictly to it and almost never deviate. My training consists of about an hour in the gym on weekdays and rest on weekedns. That, however, I deviate from depending on work. If I have to work a 12 hour day, I'll not hit the gym. Also, my lifting is low reps, high intensity and I don't use roids. Not because I don't believe in them or some crap like that, I've just never taken them cause I don't know anyone around here who has them... otherwise, hell yeah I would.

One more thing, I'm really looking into the anabolic meal plan (high fat, low cal) and would love to get one spelled out by a vet like DH if he's still around)

My meal day looks like this:
1st meal 4egg whites, apple, 6onces cottage cheese, bowl of oatmeal, 2pieces whole weat toast, 2cups milk.
2nd meal 1 apple, backed potato, 1 chicken breast, 1 cup orange juice
3rd meal 1 chicken breast, pasta or rice, cup of juice, backed potato, bananna.
4th meal 1 apple, backed potato, 1 chicken breast, cup of orange juice.
After workout* 5th meal 1 Large salad of letuce broccoli spinach cucumbers cheese and onions, 1 chicken breast, cup of mixed steamed veggies with greenbeans raddishes and carrots, 2 pieces of whole wheat toast, and something to drink.
6th meal 1 cup of yogurt, 3-4 egg whites.

So that's my day. Like I said, I eat almost the exact same thing as mentioned in that list everyday. Really curious to see how some of you vets like it and see if I need any changes. Also, like I said, I'd really like to try the anabolic diet and have a meal plan spelled out like that by someone like DH or someone with some good experience in it.

Thanks guys.


It's hard to give specific diet recommendations while knowing so little about you. How much fat is in the dairy you have? It is your only source of fat, so please tell me you aren't going with skim milk, and fat free cottage cheese/yogurt.

I would at least drop the juice and replace the calories with some type of healthy fat source. Olive oil on the salad would also be a plus.


x2 on Fezzik. We need stats in order to better advise.

However with that said, I see a lot of carbs and too little protein IMO.


Yeah, more natural fats would be a plus. I think you are drinking too much juice. You are already eating a fair bit of fruit so changing up a cup of juice for some coffee or tea might be a good idea.
How long have you been lifting and a little more info about you would help to give you advice.


You gotta critique mine too then. I don't stick to it strictly really.

Here's today's intake:

3 eggs with feta cheese, onions, and peppers
2 slices of bacon
1 cup of oatmeal
about a cup of strawberries

Large tuna sandwich on a big whole wheat roll with some lettuce, onion, and tomato
cup of Greek yogurt

Peri-workout nutrition: water

huge salad with blue cheese dressing
two big turkey sausages
small bowl of multigrain pasta with tomato sauce


Well for one your meals are full of carbs. Too many grains and sugar in general. I suggest getting rid of ALL the grain products, including oatmeal, replace your fruits with vegetables (but not nightshade vegetables), and completely get rid of all dairy. Oh and get rid of your salad dressing, it probably has omega 6 filled vegetable oil. So that leaves you meal plan as follows:

3 eggs with peppers
2 slices of bacon

Large tuna sandwich on a big almond flour roll with some lettuce,and tomato

Peri-workout nutrition: water

huge salad with fish oil
two big turkey sausages
small bowl of almond flour pasta

Oh and if your meat products are not grass fed, and your water is not from Mt. Fuji, then you have to get rid of those too.

Well bud, looks like you have to resort to the air diet........:frowning:


I had a bottle of Mt. Fuji water once. Fracken good stuff.


Literal LOL from this!

This actually sort of resembles Berardi's Get Shredded Diet minus the almond flour products. :slight_smile:


I take a multi in the morning as well as a handfull of fish oil.
I drink whole milk and try to stay away from fat free anything.
As for me, I'm 6'3", 223lbs and at a 19%bf right now. I've lifted on and off for a few years. Went from 160lbs when I was 16 to 190 by the time I was 19. Now I'm 26 and finally broke the 220 mark. Granted I have some fat, but it's so hard for me to gain without it. Whenever I bulk in winter, I always flab up then shred off in spring. Eventually, Id like to be about 245-255 and only be at 10% or less bf. I'm just a classic hardgainer. Scrawny genes, arnt they freakin great?


Hmm. Guess thats a "Figure it out yourself"


How's this? Add up your macronutrients and calories for us. Then we can point you in the right direction. I have no idea how much carbs, fat, protein, and kcals you're eating everyday, nor are any of us so generous in spending half an hour looking stuff up for you.

Add it up and we can help.

You don't need to be 19% bodyfat to add muscle.

Why plan on following an esoteric diet like AD when you're having trouble pin pointing if you're even on the correct lifestyle diet to get to where you want to be? At your bodyfat and activity level, I doubt you even need more than 3000 kcals to grow or maintain muscle mass.

Try this. Do what everyone else does to start. Follow a basic diet with 1-1.5 g/kg protein, 20-30% fat, rest carbs. Set calories at 3,000 or so and go from there.

(This is probably where a bunch will chime in here and say, "Whaddya mean consume only tree-tousand cals a day? No one got big eating dat little!" Well folks, this guy is clearly in the nutrition noob stage, is not lean, and clearly lacks direction in what he's doing. So it's a start.

Or I might have others come in and say, "Fifty percent carbos?! Dis guy's gon git fat!" I'm saying to do the most common, tried and true stuff first, and then make adjustments from there!)

Add up your stuff.


Exactly. We're here to help, but we aren't about to spoon feed you either. Set the groundwork by doing your homework and we'll take it from there.