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Evaluate Me...BF vs. Muscle Loss

Hey all,

Ok, Iâ??ve been training for about 4 years now. When I began, I was weighing in at around 275 lbs. As of today, Iâ??m 212. I very recently started paying more attention to body fat percentage rather than scale weight. To make a boring story short. In the last month Iâ??ve lost 4 pounds of fat and 3 pounds of muscle. From 20.19% to 19.138%. And from 219 to 212. And yes, Iâ??m trying to drop BF.

Is the muscle loss to be expected? Or am I fucking up royally.
Again, these stats are from the last month.

Thanks in advance!


Yes you are indeed fucking up royally, congrats.

How about your protein intake? Whatever happened to 1.5 g/lbs of LBM?