Eval test levels

Where can I go to have my testosterone levels evaluated?

go to your local clinic and ask them to run the blood work.

and what specific test should be asked for?

I am an HRT patient and according to the tests that I take on a regular basis I believe you should ask for:
1-Total Testosterone
2-Free Testosterone
3-Total Estrogen
4-PSA (prostate specific antigens)
Total T will tell you how much T is bound to receptors. Free T will tell you how much is floating free in your bloodstream. Estrogen will tell you how much T aromatization or conversion you are having. As you get older more and more of your T aromatizes. And finally PSA will check to see your risk of prostate cancer at the present time. And it will give you a marker to now if it’s getting worse when you get retested.

I would also have you thyroid checked, as this can have a negative impact on T production