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Evading the Bunny Virus


Fellow members,
By now, many of you have been exposed to the bunny virus which has contaminated the forums these past few weeks. I've attached the tragic image of a close friend who actually gave a serious response to a bunny bench post. His immune system was not cut out for such trolling. As a concerned fellow TMember, I urge you not to read his/her posts and certainly never dignify them with any thought of a response.






Yeah my head completely exploded after reading a few of his/her post today. Just insane.


insane indeed, rabec, who is that in your avi??


Shay laren...she's a gem


I have new inspiration to live, thank you


Agreed. I'll be looking fo rmore of her tonight!

I love T Nation! I subscribed on youtube to that Ivanka whoever that has that BodyRock channel with all the exercise vids and someone here mentioned that she did porn. Great news.


omg i didnt know of this, but thanks as I now will have no life the next couple of days! Holy bejesus that girls body is so ridiculous, literally the ideal (albeit, unrealistic) body i want on a female that im with!!! BodyRock FTW


Oh yes she does. Her porn name is Susana Spears.



yes i remember her from early 2000's, although i must admit she looks much better now, although her abs are a little more defined than i like in a woman when shes working out in her vids, when shes standing relaxed, sexy as hell!


One titty is a DD and one is a C. or something like that. now whenever you see her that's all you will notice. muahahahahahhaha


She's fucking hot. Period.


1 DD + 1 C > 2 C's...she still wins.


Best math ever.


I heard this Bunny Bench guy had a Phd in awesomeness.


Where's Kerly?

It's his responsibility to deal with this sort of thing.


gdamn '011ers!


I guess here's the proof.

Edit: Evade it by putting it on ignore list.


You haven't earned the right to refer to yourself in 3rd person yet, since you haven't posted any pics. Even picture of said PhD would suffice.