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Eva Longoria

If there’s one girl I think I’d kill for, it’d have to be tasty little Desperate Housewive Eva Longoria. Good Gah Damn!

Check out the new issue of Maxim with her on the cover. The pictures aren’t especially slutty, but they’re still amazing. Also, the person she claims to be in the interview is too good to be true. But if it is, somebody’s gotta die.

I want to do her yardwork (literally and sexually speaking).

I agree wholeheartedly!

Now, I’m not one to go down on a girl unless I’ve known her for quite a while. But every now and then there is a girl that would change that.

Eva Longoria, MAY just possibly be one of those.

Ya thinkin about her peach makes me want to make a fruit cocktail.

Y’all fucker’s can’t mentions females like that and NOT have pictures ok???

Thats the way, Uh huh, Uh huh, I like it…




passes out from over masturbation

Prob my favorite

You can thank me later for saving this thread.

t3h w!nn4r!

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she sure is nothing special.

WTF is wrong with you guys?


Xen, these aren’t the new pictures. The issue on newstands now, Jan 2005 has a whole spread of her in bikinis. I would have posted them, but I can’t find the pics online yet, and I don’t have a scanner. Get the mag. If anybody has it, and can scan them in…

workin on it…

[quote]BFG wrote:

she sure is nothing special.

WTF is wrong with you guys?


When I saw the first 3 pictures I was thinking the same thing, but in the last four pictures she looks purdy. 4>3 so I’ll have to agree with the general consensus

That last picture with her ass up in the air waiting for me to come and take care of her is just amazing. Thanks for posting those!


cmon, reality tv was silly to begin with, but…desperate housewives?!


These are them