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Eurycoma Longifloria

Hello everyone.

I have been diagnosed with primary hypogonadism. Upon copious amounts of research, I am now informed deeply about testosterone treatment. I have been diagnosed for 4 months now, but I have still not been treated. I have not found a good enough doctor that will supply exactly what I need. (Gone through 2 GP’s and 1 endo). They inadequacy and stubbornness seriously frustrates me.

Upon dwelling on other forms in which I can help my position while I await formal treatment, I have looked into ways of increasing testosterone. The most obvious comes to mind first. Vitamin D and zinc.

I have research further. I have found Eurycoma Longifloria, commonly known as Tongkat Ali by the locals where it is commonly found. It has many biological effects. There are many links to papers on Wikipedia.

I have found a very trustworthy and raw source. They harvest the herb everyday and sell straight to the customer. I say this because many companies who legally claim to sell powders containing Tongkat Ali are not legitimately giving the therapeutic dose of the active compounds.

I have just ordered some now.

It’ll be very interesting to see reports; before and afters; of test, E2, SHBG, LH, FSH levels after 4+ weeks of this herbs use.

If anyone would like more details, let me know

Cheers Shouk

It can help increase T when there is an intact HPTA. Sadly that is often not the case. If improves a system that is working reasonably well.

Is this spam?

No it’s not. I am 19 and from Australia. I am about to write a post on my Low T situation. Just informing of possible alternatives.