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Eurycoma + Alcohol?


Are there any indications one way or the other as to how Eurycoma/RED KAT interacts with moderate alcohol consumption? In my own case, I'm 40, and generally consume 2-3 drinks a day. I'm looking for mild t-boosting effects, and also aware that it makes sense to cut back to say one drink a day to help with this as well. Just wondering whether there are any other interaction issues to be mindful of.


Hi Armchair,

The Sclaremax in RED KAT may have a vasodilatory effect, as does the alcohol you consume. Consuming the two together, could cause dizziness, throbbing headache, nausea, fatigue, or worse.

I would certainly recommend that you avoid using the two together. It's also worthy to note that the ethanol you're consuming is a very potent suppressor of testosterone production.

Hope that helps.


Yes, thx!