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Eurovision 2011

What will you predict for this year? Satisfied with the song of your country?

I initially thought this to be a weaker year than the last but ultimately found several songs to like and concluded it will be no worse. Performances can differ of course.

UK has a strong showing this year after usually not caring enough to present a half decent song. Italy makes an appearance but I don’t care for the song. I’m not crazy about any of the male singers (unless the duet from Azerbaijan counts) but it has more to do with the songs themselves. Germany is being obnoxious by dragging out the same girl as last year. Israel brings their formerly succesful freakshow after a long break. So both are kind of cheap.
All the (extended) scandinavian entries are pretty forgettable though Sweden is seemingly trying. Turkey has a rock entry again. Everybody seems to like Hungary. Some predict a win for Estonia, which would be historical. I don’t know what else to say.

I’m going with Ireland

[quote]bcingu wrote:
I’m going with Ireland

Please don’t saturate this thread with songs from Cold War times. The title says “2011”.

fuck this

Is Dolph Lundgren hosting this year?

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fuck this[/quote]


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[quote]jasmincar wrote:
fuck this[/quote]