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Well, I figure we need to get this out of our system so let have at it. Our brothers and sisters across the pond see fit to come to an American website forum, patronized predominantly Americans and see fit to trash and insult America and Americans. I figure it's time to return in kind. After all, I wouldn't consider Europe to be the gold standard in humanitarian behavior.

So dig up flaws with Europe. Anything will do, past, present and future. You know, things like the unholy, merciless raping of the African continent. Or perhaps the shipping off of environmentally messy industries to third world countries so they can sign the Kyoto protocol and pretend they are innocent environmentally. What ever, be creative. Don't forget the crusades! Oh shit, I forgot, that was the Jews working with Bush....


Attacking for the sake of attacking would be hypocritical on my part, and I do not see how it enhances the debate. If anything it would increase animosity, and I cannot see any benefit from that.


Agreed...we should have some instructive thoughts. "Hate the sin and love the sinner."

I, for example, love Europe. It keeps Siberia from falling into the Atlantic Ocean.


Nah, too easy! Should we limit ourselves to events since 1989?


Pure futility. Europeans are many times more enlightened and intelligent than we stupid Americans, so your arguments are all wasted.


Hey at least it's an honest approach since that is what ends up happening anyway many times. Besides, what debate? Is there a debate? More often then not I see a bunch of "facts" randomly pulled out in order to make each other look bad; this then allows the poster to flip his collar up and walk with a strut. This is not a popular fashion in the U.S.; but it may be in Europe.
I say if you wanna fling poo, then fling poo.


A lot of Europeans act like they are better than us because we act like "ugly Americans" but, we act like "ugly Americans" because they act like "snooty Europeans" who cares who started doing it first, the mature shit to do is to stop it when you see it. Definitely call them out when you see it, but we have to stop ourselves from doing it, there's no need to attack, just to attack. We need to work on cooperation.

America isn't as bad as many make it out to be, and Europe isn't as bad as we make it out to be. The sooner we realize neither us nor our countries are perfect, the sooner we can stop bitching at each other about it, it's fucking annoying on both sides.


Yes. True. Done.


The first post in this topic shows why europe is better :smiley:

But honestly I think arc impulse is correct on this one.


I have attempted to stay away from that myself. Also when the discussion degrades, it is often a sign that the person is losing their argument, and getting upset about it.

It's not the only reason, but a big one. Also its easier to get upset, and start fights instead of actually discussing the issues.

When people actually start to piss me off, I leave. But in reality that is hard to do.

I have never taken these discussions here too seriously. Few opinions are changed, and generally if you are here debating, your opinions are strong enough that they often cannot be.

When I am here, I actually do read the opposite opinions, and consider them. But I can tell when opinions are not read, or the only reason they are arguing with me is to "win". Interestingly I only think I win if I am actually right, not just winning some stupid debate.


Wonderful statement. We can also look at each other, see what works, see if it can apply to our country, or should, and improve.

Unfortunately instead of trying to see real problems, and find good solutions, people are too busy pushing their political agendas.


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Since you all have way to much class to fling any poo across the Atlantic, let me beginn.

The way the hostage "crisis" with Lybia was solved was a disgrace.

In case you do not know, the glorious socialist Lybian health care system managed to infect sevral hundred kids with Aids.

Then, they blamed Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian intern to have infected them intentionally.

After torturing them they were found guilty and sentenced to die.

After 8 years (!!!) they were transferred to Bulgaria to serve a life sentence and were of course immediately released.

One week later the son of Lybias glorious leader admitts that some torture my have been going on and that the HIV epidemic was probably not their fault.

Why were they transferred to Bulgaria?

Because of a shiny new arms deal and a civil nuclear development program.

In related news, for some Arab tribes it becomes allmost a sport to kidnapp German tourists because the German government pays all the time.

I say, we should bribe their governments once, send a few KSK commandos down there and solve the problem once and for all.

Starting with the head of his most beloved pet goat in their Sheiks tent when he wakes up, moving up to his first born son if necessary, until the message is understood.

In Lybia we could at least have bombed the man made river project instead of negotiating for years while Europeans were tortured and then rewarding them with milions.

As much as I like Europes non-interventionism this pussified pacisfism leads to a certain lack of respect that costs entirely too much and not only in terms of money.


Handling Lybia WAS ar real disgrace. Diplomacy aside, do we actually plan to use that military someday? If not, why do we have those fancy maneuvers? Oh, such an excellent opportunity wasted, to really test the new Tiger Helicopter, the Eurofighter Typhoon, the Weasel, the Ocelot etc.

Why do we produce those things anyway, when a third rate country can rape our people for years? Just to sell this junk in twenty years to another third rate country? Oh man, Bombing the shit out of Libya, with each day new pictures and videos in the news, embedded reporters and a toy series, something like GIJoe that I can buy my little nephew. For christ sake, it's a country with a green flag who has allahu akbar as the national antheme!

One of the moments where I wish we were a little more american.
I knew instantly that Sarkozy was one big cocksucker.


Now that the French are on board, we need to get the Germans too! With these major countries all working together, we can conquer the Middle East and get oil back down to what it should be --- like $10/barrel.

With the price soaring and the threat that poses to Western Civilisation, I wouldn't be surprised to see an attack on Iran very soon. $86/barrel is making it more and more worthwhile for the West to attack. Watch if it hits $100. Yikes!!!


I'm sorry if I gave you the wrong impression. I don't hate the US. I don't feel superior to Americans.

I do however feel superior to stupid Americans. Yes, that would be you. Hey, I can't help it you're thick as shit. Blame your parents.


There's the lie to your post right there: since you didn't quote me or anyone else, your post could be read by ANY American. This reveals your secret loathing of Americans.

Does that include all those my dad left behind in Foy or Bastogne? Just curious there, Wrecky...


It's hard to trash Europe without accidentally trashing the US. The only parts of the US that are distinctly American in culture kind of blow. The best part about America is the crazy amount of cultures we have all mixed and jumbled to create an awesome salad of culture.


They still read?

Deserters, maybe?


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In what way, oh psychic one?

He further asked how those who were left in France, presumably dead, would feel reading this.

I`d wager they will not be reading anything written on this board.

Which, I am afraid, is true, whether I am highly neurotic or not.

Your inability to see that starts to worry me though.