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EuroTech HGH

Has anyone come across Eurotech’s Somaject? I just picked up 4 complete sealed kits (with hologram) for an AWESOME price. Given the boxes are sealed and have a hologram, I’m still concerned because of the expiry date. It was NOT stamped. It looks as though it was printed with the rest of the labelling on the box.

Other forums and sites have said this stuff is good, even though the box states that it’s made in Germany (which most would say it ISN’T).

Do I have some legit shit here, or what? My last resort would be the “pregnancy test” (to see if it might be re-labelled HCG).

Eurotech is good gh. I don’t have a box in front of me to tell you specifics. But it would seem to me that if someone went through the trouble of counterfeiting the box, halogram, bottles inside etc. then they’d probably not screw up something as simple as how the expiration date is stamped. If you got it too cheap it might be because it hasn’t been stored properly but I dunno for sure.

Are they 100iu kits or 126iu

eurotech kits only come in 126 iu. No, the product is not made in germany, they are bootleggers and use that as somewhat of a coverup. My kits had no expriation date printed on them either. but beleive me, this Is some real quality HGH. I got good results using 6iu(2mg) a day for in only one month. Steady strength and endurance gains, hardening, energy If I had the loot I would grab a few more kits (but I spent all of my money on steroids and strippers). but thats beside the case, N-e way, how did you get such a sweet deal on these kits anyway?

Thanks Dudes. I scored an awesome price on the kits because of “supply and demand”. My regular supplier wanted to dish them off because everyone else wants the Serono Serostim kits instead. No one wanted the Eurotech because they were unfamiliar with the name.

And yes, each kits contains 126 IUs (6 vials X 7grams each).