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European vs US style changerooms

I’m from Europe, and am wondering what the hell is up with North Americans with their no-booth changerooms? If you go to any half-decent pool/gym in EU, you’ll have booths in which you can change your ass. No “Naked Man” story is possible that way. I’m just wondering why the uncivilized way prevails in NA; I mean, it’s not like a couple of booths would ruin you to make.

im moving to europe!

At a university about an hour from mine they have co-ed showers… i found this extremly odd when i first heard it, does this occur anywhere else?

When I was a child I lived in Madrid for 2 years. I still remember that many public facilities had toilets with no doors. Some were just holes on the floor like urinals, but intended for #2. I don’t mind changing, and showering completely naked in front of anyone, but when I take a crap, I want my privacy. I think we’re much more civilized in America.

To quote my 16-yo cousin who was on a 1-month europe trip (and purportedly got FOUR blow-jobs, funny thing is I believe him), he said, “In EUROPE, every THIRD girl that walks down the street is hot. HERE, every FIFTEENTH one is DECENT. And one more thing: over there, they fuck. Over here, they play CRICKET”. The funny thing is that we were walking down the beach and this admittedly attractive girl was playing…cricket. heh :0)

Booth changerooms…lol. I can’t understand the need to hide your cock-and-balls from a room full of guys. Why is our way “uncivilized”? Do you feel more comfortable hiding Mr.Winke from the “naked man”? Geez, maybe London should grow some balls and rip down those sissy booths! Booths are not the T-Way!!

That’s weird. On beaches in europe nudity is no big deal, but there are stalls in changerooms. It’s like in Japan it’s normal to eat an animal’s guts/innards, but here it’s like people have to be dared to do that. I know there are coed bathrooms in some places in Europe also, but I’m positive N.A. isn’t ready for something like that. It would be too risque for too many.

J-what university is this? i want to enroll!!

it’s in nova scotia, canada, dalhousie university… don’t quote me on it though because i haven’t actually seen it myself, just heard about it, also i don’t think all the changing rooms are like that.

I’ve never heard of that. I bet it’s like am elementray school dance in there. Guys on one side & girls on the other & everyone’s too scared to mix it up.