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European Sport - Emotional Attachment


Yeah alright. Rugby players aren't NFL players and everyone who plays "soccer" is a p*ssy.

Now that I've summarized 99% of the anticipated responses I want to post this video.

(Watch in HQ and make sure sound is on)

I don't know about you but it really gets me all riled up.

I'm not a football fanatic as I used to play rugby and american football but there's something about intercountry rivalry within professional football that cannot be paralleled (IMHO). What strikes me even more is that it is not gender or sex related.

I went to a few matches at the Euro. Fantastic.

Focus: Can you really identify yourself with a club team/franchise in the same way you could your country? Also, feel free to share any anecdotes that are relevant. (Emotional connection to sport).






ha, i've been a huge soccer player. (yes, im from the states) i used to play everyday, and got scholarships for many universities, but i recently gave it up. I became stronger and stronger. And yes i've come to learn that soccer is for pussies. They are very athletic, no doubt, but they are pussies. Rugby is the best sport. Good combination of strength, speed, and overall athleticism is needed to play.

(great video!)


No offence but in what way are you adding to this thread?


I watched all the games of the last World Cup in various friend's houses in Brazil.

Shit was insane. Every time Brazil came anywhere near making a goal I thought WWIII was starting outside. I don't even like soccer and I was shouting myself hoarse.


Don't pretend that they are such great gladiators serving their country on a field.

But on the other side, Holland - Germany used to be WAR


There's nothing like football to give you a heart attack! Good question about club vs. country rivalry. Its hard to say - most people I know in England care very, very passionately about their local clubs. This said, when Euros or World Cups come around, everyone's focus is honed to the national team and the atmosphere is tremendous!

I don't suppose many know too much about the brillian sport of cricket, but if we're talking about nail-biting, heart-in-mouth, nerve-jangling stuff, then this has to be it for me.

As for your question about emotional anecdotes, watching pakistan win the (field) hockey world cup on penalties when I was about 7 ... just can't forget it.

Sport in my opinion, is the best thing in the world. Nothing gets me more emotionally charged.

Good thread!


Thank you for Bergkamp, Overmars and Van Persie.


Is that a fellow Arsenal fan there?

I almost shit my heart out yesterday night when Eduardo missed the first penalty. Before that kick, I had so much adrenalin rushing through me, and then miss! Noooooooooooooo!

It's all good though, we're through to the quater finals!



It's Magic!



Who wouldn't watch this team?



I'll support whatever she wants me to!



Why the intensity of soccer? And not other sports like rugby, american football?

  1. lack of physical contact during the game means tension can build up. In other sports like rugby, you are already beating the crud out of each other

  2. it is actually international. if american football was played internationally, don't you think there would be more intense rivalry?

  3. the countries involved have all been at war with each other at some point in the past thousand years, if not the past 80 years, and a lot of them hate each other now for various reasons

  4. the game can be 0-0 for an hour then change instantly with some bizarre twist of luck and skill

Personally I think soccer would be more fun if there were two balls in play at once, man, that would be cool. Or three balls, one white worth full points and two yellow worth half points. YEAH!


Arsenal all the way. But that's irrelevant. :slight_smile:


Not actually an Arsenal supporter (I'm a true neutral, would you believe it), but they must be - when they play like they can - the best "team work" team out there. Pity it hasn't worked so well this year. I think Eduardo is going to get you a shiny trophy this season however, even despite what happened last night.


you read too much harry potter