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European Elections


Let's talk about the biggest election process in our western hemisphere.
I know, fighting the gay agenda and Obama IS important, but I guess one little thread isn't too much to ask?


What did you vote? I voted pyrate.


..no, i didn't vote. But if this election is anything to go by, Wilders' PPV wins big at the next dutch elections. Anyway, will it even matter in the long run? Remember the european constitution? This is what they did with it:

..now we wait for the Irish to vote NO...


Interesting. Good news for you guys. I am not too familiar with European politics. Will this make much of a differense in actual policy?

I don't see how the green parties wouldn't be considered left of center, but maybe EU environmentalists are different then the wack jobs we have over here.


The British National Party got two seats, not good news considering some of their policies and some party member's history.




Does anyone know how that chap, MEP Daniel Hannan fared? I believe he was up for reelection.


The BNP got two seats but only due to the expenses scandal. They actually got less votes than at the last European Election it's just a lot of labour voters voted with their feet and stayed home.

The BNP getting the occasional win is also a healthy reminder for the public at large what a bunch of total scum they are and why it is important to use your vote.


The Pirate Party in Sweden got 7.1% of the votes.



Not only that, we now have one dude in the parliament.


Oh yes they are different. The greens over in Europe are much more committed and over the top than the posers we have here.


Gutted about the BNP getting two seats. How can there be hundreds of thousands of racist climate change denialists in this country? Shameful. And also just as shameful are the people who didn't go out and vote and let this happen.

I voted Lib Dems in England. Very nearly voted Greens but found out they don't support nuclear energy in the nic of time. Then afterwards found out they are anti science nut jobs and am incredibly glad I didn't vote for them!


Yep, I voted Lib Dem too. I agree with you about the Greens, it seems like they want to stop global warming but expect all our energy produced by solar or wind power!


That's exactly my problem with the greens.


And on top of that they are anti stem cell research, anti gm foods and gm in general and pro homoeopathy on the NHS!


Ha I told you so! You refused to believe it when I pointed out that the BNP was gaining support. Even now you try to dismiss what has happened by coming up with excuses rather than face the facts. You would be a joke if your delusions weren't so pathetic, widespread and dangerous.

Voter turnout this year was bound to be lower than the last round of EU elections because there was a lot less being contested on the local level. Even so the lack of voter turnout was a vote, it was a massive vote of no-confidence.

I would expect the expenses scandal to be a big score for the BNP. It was their Michael Barnbrook who complained to the parliamentary commissioner for standards and got the investigations started.

Somthing that I don't think is registering with you is this. What is bad about MP's scamming the people for money is not the actual amount of money but the issue of trust. Those MP's have been exposed to be a bunch of self serving crooks, who are more interested in their own ends than they are in taking care of the peoples business by doing what is in the best interest of the people.

The LibLabCon policy of unrestricted mass immigration has abandoned the most critical issue facing the British people to those who will do something about it. This issue and all the associated problems will not go away. When people wake up and realize that UKIP and the Greens won't do anything about it either the BNP will gain even more support at the next election.


Ah our resident nazi supporter Sifu. I knew it wouldn't be too long before you crawled out of the woodwork to support your holocaust denying budy Nick Griffen.

Of course the MPs diddling their expenses is about trust, where have I said otherwise and that is exactly why people stayed at home allowing the small number of barm pots who support the BNP to actually squeeze a couple home even though the total number of votes was lower. This doesn't show increased support, it shows decreased support hence less votes. It's just that the level of support for the Labour party dropped even more.


You are a typical Guardianista, calling anyone who merely disagrees with you a Nazi. You Guardianista's would do well to learn the story of the boy who cried wolf. I have no doubt that a lot of people who voted BNP did so because they are fed up with being called racists for merely speaking out against what is being done to their country. Your liberal, hypocritical, overuse of the term has taken away the stigma that goes with it. This is why the BNP is making huge gains in support.

Let's get something straight, what I support is putting a stop to the Islamic takeover of my ancestral homeland. What concerns me much more than what stupid comments private citizens made when they were young and then retracted when they were older is what politicians have done while in power. Something which Labour and Tory have terrible records on.

But since you want to take this tact, what about Jack Straw, Harriet Harperson, et al. being committed comunists when they were younger? Communism killed several orders of magnitude more people than the Nazis did. You may be too stupid to see your double standards but I am not!

Flooding the country with millions of low wage immigrants has gutted working class wages, thrown millions onto welfare and wrecked the economy. Anyone with a modicum of common sense could see that what has happened would happen. What has happened to Britain isn't an accident, it has been calculated and deliberate. Signing away the peoples right to sovereignty and self determination without permission was another massive betrayal, that both Labour and Tory have had a hand in.

You are not facing reality. The BNP has made huge gains in support. They raised more money in the first 5 months of this year than in all of 2007. They have gained against taxpayer funded parties that had way more money to spend on their campaign. They have also gained despite a massive campaign of smears by the mainstream media some of which have resulted in legal cases. Even last weeks terrorist attacks (which are being investigated by the FBI) didn't stop them.

Unless there is a major course change the BNP is going to continue to gain support. But none of the other parties are willing to change. When Tories and UKIP fail to deliver on their promises BNP is going to gain even more.


Pardon my ignorance and curiosity. But, aside from UKIP's lack of votes (which also applies to BNP), what makes you believe that UKIP will fail to deliver?


UKIP is a party whose sole reason for existing is the EU. Their party's primary agenda is supposed to be getting Britain out of the EU. Yet they have put forward candidates who are on record as being highly enthusiastic supporters of the EU. Two of them aren't even British! One is Sri Lankan who was rejected by the pro EU Lib Dems. The other is an Argentinian who lives in Spain, with no EU she is out of a high paying job.

Andrea Antreason has no tie to the UK and comes from a country that still holds a grudge from the war they started in the 80's. Do you seriously believe that her first loyalty lies with the British people? Nigel Farage had to break his parties rules to make her a candidate.

The purpose of UKIP is to provide a safety valve for the main parties so that if the electorate get fed up with the EU they will waste their time with UKIP instead of a party that actually intends to do something about Europe.

Nigel Farage has been boasted that he has been able to claim over two million pounds in expenses from the EU. He is making too much of of the EU gravy train. He isn't going to give that up.

UKIP is just a schill for the business interests that profit from the EU at the expense of the British.


Europe has basicly voted centre-right, which is not unusual in an econimic recession.