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European Championships Tirana, Albania

8-14 April 2013

Just finished 69Kg mens. Oleg Chen Russia six perfect lifts winner. Some wobbly snatches. Catch it on Eurosport TV.

Going to my mates house to watch it tomorrow. I cancelled my sky package a few months ago…


whatever happened to British OL? I remember the days of Al Murray and Louis Martin! I guess OL is too strenuous for the youth of today, just kick a ball and make millions.

Apti Aukhadov took the 85kg mens with a 388 total (the gold medal winning total in London was 385), perfect 6/6. Love watching him lift, and apparently he’s switched to squat jerks (hit 215). Videos here allthingsgym.com/apti-aukhadov-2013-european-weightlifting-champion/

Was also good to see Nadezda Evstyukhina come back and take the win in the womens 75kg. She’s not in the form she was in in 2011, but it’s good to see her get back on the podium after bombing out in London, and she still smoked everybody on the clean and jerk. She’s still not smiling much though, which is a shame. I like her when she’s smiling.

Not the most exciting competition but then the Euro’s never is. Highlight for me definitely Aukhadov winning the 85s.

Here’s hoping to some great lifting at the worlds in the Autumn.

Aukhadov was awespme. Beautiful lifts, and six for six. He should have had the gold in 2012 but for drinking water ahead of his weigh-in (a bone-headed move on his part) and he had to rush his last attempt (bone-headed inattention on the part of his coaches).

I hope he stays healthy for the long haul because he has a very promising future.

the commentators butchered Aukhadov’s name