European Championships Tbilisi, Georgia

Anyone watching? 56Kg finished. Live and delayed streams available if you don’t have Eurosport TV.

<17 year old Khetag Khugaev made his debut in Senior competition at this years 2015 European Championships, winning 3 silver medals. He weighed in at 92.56kg, 2.51kg heavier than when we last saw him in January at the 2015 Russian Cup.

He snatched a whopping 180kg & Clean and Jerked 219kg for a 399kg Total.

His results were: 172kg/176kg/180kg, 207kg/212kg/219kg, 399kg.>
Someone to watch in the future!!

All videos on YT.

It’s over, all videos on YT. Now to look forward to the World champs in Houston, TX in November.