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European Championships in Kasan, Russia


On Eurosport all this week, anyone watching?


Haven't been watching (didn't know it was being shown anywhere, is it just streaming live or what? got a link?) but have been following some of the results. Interesting to see the lifter in the mens 56 have his results "cancelled" it seems almost immediately. Some good numbers being put up so far, but mostly I'm looking forward to seeing what some of the bigger Russians put up (Akkaev in the 105s, Lapikov and Chigishev in the 105+, and Kashirina in the womens 75+).


I get it on Satellite here in Europe, not available in North America. They have a Eurosportplayer which streams but again it is probably only available in Europe. Google Eurosport and have a look if there are any alternatives. Sorry can't help anymore.



if you dont find it on the first page, click on OTHER on the top of the page and you will find a stream. I really enjoy watching it



thing is, I think you can only watch it live, which means watching it in the early morning if you are in the North America.


Kazan, Russia is 9 hours ahead of Chicago, so here are the times, in CENTRAL TIME ZONE.

Friday, 15.04.2011
11:30pm â?? Women 69 kg (B)
1:00am â?? Men 94 kg (B)
3:00am â?? Men 85 kg (B)
6:00am â?? Women 69 kg (A)
9:00am â?? Men 85 kg (A)

Saturday, 16.04.2011
11:00pm â?? Women 75 kg (B)
12:00pm â?? Men 105 kg (B)
3:00am â?? Men 94 kg (A)
6:00am â?? Women 75 kg (A)
9:00am â?? Men 105 kg (A)

Sunday, 17.04.2011
12:00pm â?? Men +105 kg (B)
3:00am â?? Women +75 kg (A)
6:00am â?? Men +105 kg (A)


62 were good, saw the 69 Sn, crazy mofos...

Things you noticed:
BLISTERINGLY FAST UNDER THE BAR - immense turn over, just sick, just f0cking sick,
Receive position is unreal - UBER STRONG 9/10 never flex, just piston like straight back up, a few odd struggle a bit, but it isn't huge
Jerks a bit ropey on some lifters
Some guys can still stick the Jerk even after gut buster of a Clean

Looking forwards to the rest, all should be recorded at home :smiley:



Got sky and upgraded to included eurosport this month! So far been pretty good! Bit of controversy with the 77kg category final lift!


Don't let the cat out of the bag! I got to check it out :smiley:



I do think the judges are letting some of the lifters get away with a few things (feet mainly). They had to stop in the 77Kg. But then I am old school when we did the "Press" as well for 3 lifts. In the end the Press became a joke!


The 85 end lift was BS man...no way he should have been given that. The other russian dude should have won instead man! He was ROBBED!

I didn't atch catch the 77 Jerks, stupid eurosport only giving me the first hr so no C&J apart from 2 lifts :frowning:

Got the 85, 94 and 105 in full :smiley: no 105+ though :frowning:



search "2011 EWC snatch" in google and you can find parts 1, 2, and 3 for 77kg. Those are the only ones uploaded so far, I think. Others should be uploaded in a bit.

Also, a couple nights ago I watched the 77kg stream for the Asian Weightlifting Championship. I saw probably the craziest snatch attempt ever by the North Korean lifter Pang Kum Chol.


Cheers for that. I'll check out the 77's then :smiley:

Man I got to check out that 77kg Pang Kum Choi have a go!



It was pretty nuts. Pang Kum Choi (Chol? Choi?) might be my new hero haha.

Back on topic, Akkaev in the 105s had a really good day. Was a little disappointed with the Russians in the supers, though.


ya akkaev lived up to expectation and he will win best lifter of the championships (for men), however both chigi and lapikov were honestly terrible.

even though Lapikov took 1st place, he has totaled more then that at over 20kgs lighter in body weight. a 419 total for the champion of Europe in the supers is honestly terrible.


Chigi has a nagging injury on his leg that keeps biting him in the ass... I think his gold medal days are over. :frowning:

I wouldn't say Lapikov did terrible... he weighted in at 120, and is still trying to get to around 130. Igor Shymechko, at 135, totaled 412. So as a whole the group wasn't spectacular, but wait until you see these guys at the Olympics. Different story. I think a lot of the big names don't 'peak' as well as they could for this event.. it's always a battle between Chigi, Scerbatihs, and Shymechko... and I guess Lapikov now. I wonder where Aramnau/Steiner/Cholakov were.


Akkaev is a beast, should win the gold in London. As for Andrei Aramnau, during the 105s the commentator had this to say of Aramnau "the disqualafied and disgraced andrei aramnau"!. What happened to him? Did he fail a test?


I believe there were 1 or 2 occurrences of him driving under the influence in Belarus.


Oh man I REALLY want to see it!

Did you guys see Akkaev's save on that Snatch? I've never seen ANYONE save a Snatch like that! Such epicness! 425 @ 105! HUGE 195/230.

Didn't catch the 105+ guys :frowning:

Thats rally sad to hear about Armanu as he was one of my fav lifters! Drink driving? wtf?!



On eurosport the 105+ was listed as 105kg with 75kg women rather than the 105+ and 75+. Didn't miss much tbh, the commentators said it was the lowest winning total for the supers since the weight categories were established.

Akkaev's snatch was immense! And his clean and jerks weren't half bad either :stuck_out_tongue:

Does anyone know exactly how long he has been a 105?