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Europe WTF?


For all the stupidity we see daily coming from the good ole USA...this is pretty much beyond the pale. :wink:





Ah I didn't see it in the nutrition section my bad I suppose.... though I wonder if pizza is closer to being a vegetable than water is to not hydrating.


Well at least the pizza thing is about the tomato sauce.

And hey, I thought we were defenders of pizza here on T Nation? Maybe that was just me.


ummmm lets save the "________ WTF?" threads for child molestation topics and university cover ups only. ok thanks.


Seriously though, should anyone be surprised that a group of Euro's presented some profoundly stupid theories?


The EU has not said that water isn't healthy, and it's ruling on the vexatious claim that bottled water can prevent dehydration is perfectly sensible:



no it isn't.


Just like Congress declared pizza a vegetable?