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Europe- American Gap

So, I want to throw a concept out here, that the American swing to the conservative right, along with the gathering momentum of the religous right is fairly inevitable in the face of post-modernism while the alternative European reaction of liberalisation and the shirking of larger religous institutions is equally inevitable. I want reactions so I’m not going to say any more than I came to this conclusion looking at the alternative historical state apperatuses of the two sides.


Hasn’t Europe embraced multiculturalism because no single European state was able to match the US, or for a time, the USSR militarily or economically.

The United States was founded as a nation where freedom of religion was paramount. Certainly this was not so in Europe. We still allow it. No religion is restricted.

Europe has shown a cosmopolitan disdain for American politics and beliefs for nearly a hundred years. Nothing has changes in that regard other then the speed and depth at which those opinions are spread.