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Europa Show of Champion Results

Wow what a meet! A great production by John Inzer and Robert Keller!! I had a great time walking around getting free stuff from the vendors. I invited one vendor to come and watch the meet. He said no unless these certain lifters are competing. That fired up my ego to go for a big pr instead of a win.

Next time, I’m not going listening to my ego!! It got the best of me because this was an Arnold Classic qualifier. I missed 578 twice. The winner bench press 501lbs. So, I got second in the open class, but first in the bench press for reps. Clint Poore and I tied for the most reps with 300. So, we did a tie breaker and he won.

1st attempt: 451
2nd attempt: 578 X
3rd attempt: 578 X

Unequipped Pause Bench press for reps
400 x 4($300)
300 x 11
300 x 6

It was an honor to finally meet Mr. John Inzer. We talked for several hours. I was honored when he helped me with my Inzer Rage X. After the meet, Mr. John Inzer took me and Clint Poore out to an expensive steak dinner. Thank you Mr. John Inzer for your 9 year sponsorship! Coming soon Got Inzer Advance Designs Video part II!

Thank you BMF Sports for covering my entry fee. Thank you USP Labs for the great joint supplement(SuperCissus RX). Thank you Quest nutrition for the protein powder. Thank you Adrenaline Gear for the high octane clothes.

Got Inzer Advance Designs?

Jeremy Hoornstra & “Big Willie” J.T. Hall

Travis Ortmayer, the Texas Stoneman

Travis Ortmayer & “Big Willie” J.T. Hall

“Big Willie” J.T. Hall first place $300 cash prize

Holding my Inzer Advance Designs Banner

“Big Willie” J.T. Hall, Anton Kraft & Tony Conyers

Glenn Russo & “Big Willie” J.T. Hall

cool, sucks you didnt get into the Arnold cause you couldve easily took the bench.

i think you make the same face in every photo though lol.

Always strong lifts, man.

J.T., have you ever smiled in a photo?

Good pressing! and great pics.

I like looking serious at all times. Thanks for all the positive comments!!

My easy opening attempt at the Europa Show of Champions