Euro Training (Funny)

[quote]JSMaxwell wrote:[/quote]

Old, but still funny.

I was trying to put together some sort of joke regarding it being old, posted a bunch, and the new year, but I drank way too much and don’t seem to be smart enough to do so. Feel free to assisst.

P.S. Terry Crews is the man and works from time to time at the equinox by me… He was warming up with some dumbbell overheads and had a 70 and a 75 lb dumbbell… My brother pointed out he was using two different weights and his response was “Oh yeah… Guess I am” and he laughed. That’s a strong fuckin dude.

Is that the guy in the crazy old spice commercials? Is that how he got so jacked?

Anyone else notice the squat rack curler at 0:36?

I wonder it was intentional or not…