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Euro Dance/Techno and Happy Hardcore


Anyone's been guilty of these pastimes in his/her past?
I have to admit, I was.

And, quite recently, I've looked up a few 'oldies' from the early nineties (my era was '91 - '93). I guess mostly Europeans will know of this stuff.

You know: U96, Captain Hollywood Project, 2 Unlimited, Culture Beat and ... wait for it ... Dr. Alban!

At least I kinda redeemed myself listening to Prodigy, GNR, Iron Maiden and Metallica!

So, courtesy of YouTube, I give you:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4MlOr7w2bM (not exactly HH, but can't be missing, it's still TEH SHIT!)

Post up your shit, guys. For nostalgia's sake.

I can't be the only one!


Hahah this takes me back to my youth. Happy Hardcore was and still is pretty huge in Scotland. Mostly among the 'ned' (chav, delinquent) and gay community.

That Dr Alban track facepalm


Hey Fatty

My 18 year old son just released his first album ("Minimality") late last year.
Let me now what you think of this track.


Its a good one. But, too "up" for me. Does he have any slower more solemn ones?


I like it.
I listened to a few of his other songs, too: they remind me a lot of good video game tunes.

Sounds a lot like the Unreal soundtrack, methinks
Take a look at this, for example:

You know: reality bite. Unreal hurts. At least that's what they said about it in '98. :wink:


Hardcore from the 90's, like the 'Thunderdome' collection gets tired VERY quickly!

Anyway heres a selection of a pile of different dance tunes from the 90's, happy days...

Same time, same place but different channel...


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I used to listen to loads of this kind of music growing up as a kid. Here's some more...

Remember this guy?



One more


Dammit, I feel too young to post on here.


Awesome thread.

Anyone know and like Modern Talking? I like both their 80s stuff, and their 90s and beyond. You're my heart, you're my soul; brother louie; rouge et noir; china in her eyes; win the race. Good times.






some F'in classic tunes in there . all them tunes from raves n clubs from the 90's still kickin today . i still get goose bumps 20 years later wtf listening to liquid " sweet harmony " amongst others


were you ravin in the 90's ( dancin in muddy fields n tearin up n down the M4 tryin to find the venue ) if so you know the score . man i miss those days .


Wow, this takes me back.


Wow, guys, great posts, all 'round.

BBB, didn't know that one. Cool shizz!
Shizzles me dizzles.