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Anyone heard anything about Euphoria coming through the product pipeline? I’m anxiously awaiting.

I don’t know what the current status is.
One problem we tend to run into here at
Biotest is that we design products according
to how to get really effective results,
with cost being sort of this dim concept
in the back of the mind if present at all,
while in the design phase.

There was an herbal formulation (did have
one synthetic, but legal) that so far
as I could tell must have been awesome,
though I never tried it myself, because
I was talking to Brock on the phone after
the had taken it, and (though he insisted
he was just “mellow”) he was quite stoned,
definitely seeming to have had a reefer
too many. However, turned out the cost
of that product would have been astronomical.
Just cutting dose or cutting out the good
stuff to get the price right, wasn’t the way
to go.

A second approach which I did try was
also really fine in my opinion, though some
others at Biotest thought it was not quite
there, and it also turned out to be
completely impractical financially – would
have cost you over $100 per bottle and
the bottles would not have lasted long.

So those renditions didn’t fly. I don’t know
where things are now (it’s not one of my

The same sort of thing happened with the
Biotest protein bar, too. Unfortunately,
sometimes doing something really right,
puts the price in the stratosphere to
where it can’t work for most people, and
when that happens, we just tend to leave
it to others. Sometimes their compromises
are pretty good ones. For example, I like
the Met-Rx Chocolate Chocolate Chip,
and Bavarian Mint Protein Plus bars, yet
they’re economical. Not up to the same
nutritional quality, but still quite good, so
sometimes the “cost is no object” approach
to achieving maximum quality doesn’t prove
to be the way to go, and our product ideas
wind up being unrealistic once cost is
really looked at. That’s ok, can’t win every time! :slight_smile:

Just shoot some Nubain or take a small dose of GHB!
If you are strong mentally neither will hurt you in the least-USE WITH CAUTION!

I’ve been taking Kava, the Safeway brand. It’s helped me relax, but sometimes I get too relaxed and drowsy like hell.

Any change in status here guys? Or is this a discontinued project?