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Can anyone give me an update on when this euphoria product will be ready to go. I think I deserve a trial or something. Tell me what you fellow T-Men think. I dated a girl from college on past graduation. She was a highschool teacher and i’m in dental school. We were supposed to be married ( date not imprtnt.) just recently, and she broke it off six days before the wedding to run off with an old friend whose only plan is to open a bar cuz’ he likes hanging out there. 3 years of dating and bam; her family doesn’t even know what happened. I think I would rather have some euphoria then get fat on beer every nite and go to school with a hangover. and for those that don’t know, dental school is a bitch. any ideas, Brock or t-dudes

Dude, sorry to hear the situation you’re in. After hearing what you’ve gone through, I think I need some euphoria. If this guy who your ex ran away with turns out to be some loser who has nothing to look for in his life, your old lady might come back to you. She’ll see you as a successfull dentist, and could depend on you for commitment. The only problem with that though is she’ll be an old lady when that happens. Then again I could be completely wrong. I’m only a novice at this whole dating/relationship thing. I hope you manage to stick through with you dental stuff. Take care.

hey man, thanks for the kind words reeshdog. i was hoping for some idea on the euphoria project. i’m trying not to go the beer way and it’s tough. maybe i could be one of the beta testers so we can see if it really works.

Stay in school work hard and get PAID, I’m looking forward to Euphoria too, but what you need is revenge, the best revenge is living well…You don’t have to wait on that, go out and make it happend. outlaw

Mike, I agree with Outlaw that the best revenge is to live well. Or what you can do is the next time your girlfriend is having sex with that putz, you can peep through their window and take pictures. Since her family doesn’t even know about the break up, this is where the fun comes in. On the back of one of those pictures, write “Dear Mom. Wish you were here. Can I have some money?” Then sign her name and send it to her mom. Sometimes when I’m tempted to go the beer route, instead of downing a six pack, I take a few shots of Jonny Walker wisky and then have a can of beer. That usually knocks me out. I think it’s less calories than downing cans and cans of beer. I’m also waiting for the Euphoria. I think it’s a good idea to go on a trial and I’m willing to test the first batch. I think now’s a good time.

Outlaw is right. I know it’s hard to do, but concentrate on the rest of your life. Beer, Euphoria, whatever, a substance isn’t the answer. Make sure you got lots of good friends to talk to and immerse yourself in school and the gym.

I agree with everyone else who says that a substance isnt the way to go

Friends,school lifting do what you love and love life
To Reesh - Is there anyone out there who isn’t a novice in this whole dating relationship thing? I always think the ‘experts’ are liars :wink:

Well, the good thing is that it didn’t happen AFTER the wedding. I’m sorry she did that to you - that is unforgivable. I like the “pic’s sent to her momma” idea.