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Ok, I was under the impression that Euphoria was a no go…and then mention was made of it in Reader Mail this week. What’s the scoop? Has this one been bubbling under the table for all this time?

All I can say is: HELL YEAH. I have really wanted this product to come to market since initially mentioned. I too thought it was shelved…perhaps Shugs will let us know what the story is…?

Actually I would rather hear what’s goin on with their EFA supp. Shugs?

EFA concern for me as well, what’s the deal?

Sorry guys, sometimes I have some cool inside info about the Biotest end of things, but most of the time I’m out of the loop and just spend my time sweeping up and getting TC his damned coffee. That wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t for the French maid outfit I have to wear… although I do look dead sexy in it.

Seriously, I don’t know much about what’s going on with Euphoria and the EFA supp. I stay on the T-mag side of the building most of the time.

what is euphoria anyway?

Hey Shugs…can I get a cup of coffee?