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Eugenics Information?


Okay so I was assigned the study of "Eugenics" as part of my Biology project. I tried Wikipedia and google but from what I read so far either it discusses WWII and the Holocaust,which is fine and well but my partner is doing that portion and I really need information on Eugenics pre WWII. Can somebody recommend some resources that I can look up...that are NON BIASED and NEUTRAL on the issue?


Dude, even the fucking Wiki article mentions examples as early as biblical times...


I cant copy off the wiki site and the teacher says I cant use the sources from the citations listed on there either. Apparetly even with citations included,information can be distorted. Its extremely hard to find any information that isnt biased at all. I was really hoping for some books someone I can recommend so I can go to my local Barnes and Noble and read through some books.


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If only there were some way to look for books...


Whats a library?

Again,Im looking for Non Biased books. Based on the title alone for some of thoese books.."Eugenics And Other Evils by G.K. Chesterton" and "Preaching Eugenics: Religious Leaders and the American Eugenics Movement by Christine Rosen" arent going to give me the best information because the first book is bashing the ideology and the second one puts blame on religion on Eugenics. I will be looking for "Eugenics: A Reassessment (Human Evolution, Behavior, and Intelligence) by Richard Lynn" That sounds atleast neutral to the subject.


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I'm not convinced that you could have a non-biased book about this topic. Can't you just get two books with opposite stances? Speaking of which, what databases does your school give you access to? You might look into opposing view points or other scholarly databases.


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I seriously doubt they will have any good books about the subject but ill give it a try,thanks guys! =D


Does it have to refer to humans?
I think dog breeding is a pretty good example of eugenics. I'm sure you can find plenty of non-biased sources on dog breeding and how it was beneficial to society pre-WWII.


Wow,thanks for bringing that up. I didnt even realized something like Dog Breeding would be something like Eugeneics. Me and my partner right now are discussing whether the following can be considered "Eugenics" and whether we should include it in the final project:

-Genome Sequencing/Human Genome Project
-Stem Cell

Im particularly curious about Genome Sequencing/HGP. There hasnt been a time in history where we can manipulate molecular evolution. Say for example you have brown eyes and your spouse has green eyes. If you want your kid to have green eyes,the doctor can change the gene of the cell to produce the green eyes. Stuff like that or amybe even the height of your kid and the sex. Really cool shit. SCIENCE RULES.