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Eugene Sandow Videos

I found some video clips of the O.G. of Bodybuilding, Eugene Sandow. They’re similar to the video that Shugart found and discussed not long ago:

It’s a bit of a headtrip, seeing the real-life guy moving and flexing. Not to mention that it’s from nearly 100 years ago.

(Note: some idiot inserted himself along with this video, but it’s still awesome just to see Sandow.)

Again, I just think it’s a bit of a headtrip seeing this guy, the Mr. Olympia statue model, live and moving around from over a century ago.

What strikes me about the old films and photos is that these guys don’t seem all that large or muscular. Yet, many of them performed amazing feats of strength that cannot be duplicated by any of the current big names.

I always wonder why the guy had no friggin chest.

Awesome videos though…youtube is excellent. Thanks Minotaur

I have a ton of respect for the guy and his physique.

The reason that he likely had a small chest was because bench press type movements were not really performed as regularly by physical culturists back then. Of all the videos and pictures that I’ve seen of old-time strongmen/bodybuilders, they do a lot of overhead pressing as feats of strength.

According to the Sandow Museum website,
he was a little over 5’9 with a 48’ chest and 18.5’ arms. I gotta call bullshit on that. Actually, if the chest measurement is not relaxed, I can buy it. But his arms look nowhere near 18.5’. Impressive nonetheless.


I don’t think the benchpress had even been invented back then lol.