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Eugene Sandow Had an Amazing Back


I know the video's a bit grainy (it's from 1894) but something looks freakishly dense around his mid back and scapular regions.


here's one of his books, or at least an abstract on google books


Gotta love the Original Posing Styles XD


lol really? That's called a shadow...


it's not a post about penises. silver lining.


The book begins with a great line (if only it were true):

"In writing this book I have taken it as a commonplace that everyone - man, woman and child - wants to be strong. Without strength - and by strength I mean health, vitality and a general sense of physical wellbeing - life is but a gloomy business"


I definitely do not see what the OP is talking about.. at all...


Have you ever been in a gym? Because if that level of back development is amazing to you, I think your mind would be blown.


I lol'd at the video, it looked like a ghey porn auditon lol.


yeah i was actually really uncomfrotable watching it and am glad my dad didnt walk in:P


I had to watch that clip during a film class once. Needless to say not many people in Film 172 were not fans lol.

He was far ahead of his time though.

EDIT- I meant "not fans"



Sometimes, this site amazes me.


his back is at least as big as dorians man




Well theres no point in saying what has already been said, but to ensure that my presence in this thread does not go unnoticed, i leave you with your fun fact for the day:

"Stressed is Desserts spelled backwards." Irony!


I have no son!

He looks good and from what I have heard/read he was a god in his time, but looks like he just is starting out by today's standards.


Saying "Sandow had an amazing back" is like saying "Roger Bannister ran fast."

Both statements are true, but need to be taken in the context of their own day. The bar has since been raised higher than when those athletes were at their peak.


X, Did you watch the same video? That dud was swolezzzzz he musta been on dat creatinezzzz!!


Lol cool story bro


I think someone lost the fact that the admiration of his development is in it's historical context of the time he lived in. Does this even need to be said?


Be careful watching stuff like that. You might catch the ghey. It's been going around.